Today one of the top money managers in the world told King World News that the West’s desperate takedown in the gold market will fail. 

July 15 (King World News) – Dr. Stephen Leeb:  “Eventually gold is going to take its place. But right now because gold has such a special position in the world as both commodity and foremost currency and major rival to the dollar, you can bet that when you start seeing the end of dollar hegemony the US is pulling out all the stops. Every stop in the book that you can name is being used to suppress the price of gold. That’s the only thing the West can do is suppress the price of gold. Now it’s not going to work. The aftermath is going to be a bull market that really defines what off the charts means. This (takedown) is the last desperate effort that the West is trying. And it just won’t work…to continue listening to Dr. Stephen Leeb discuss why the West’s takedown in the gold market will fail CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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