Could the price of gold really hit $48,000? Plus expect more hairy 1970s-style inflation.

Fed Warns They Will Continue To Shrink Balance Sheet
July 10 (
King World News) – 
Peter Boockvar:  Early on today and unlike yesterday, Jay Powell was asked about the Fed’s balance sheet and he said they have a “good ways to go” in shrinking it “and going slower will allow us to go further.” The balance sheet currently stands at about $7.2 trillion, down from almost $9 trillion but still up from around $4 trillion before Covid. 

Where it eventually ends up at? He didn’t say today but as Powell has said before, they’ll know it when they see it.

Expect Hairy 1970s-Style Inflation
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  The inflationary 1970s caused a massive rise in gold.

When I called the commodities bear market low back in April 2020, I also said we were in for big inflation. I think it is time for the next historical inflationary wave, just like in the 1970s.

Yes, this is clearly a wild chart, but unfortunately quite likely.

Could The Price Of Gold Really Hit $48,000?

Gold is now squeezed in-between blue lines below, and have to make choice – break upwards, or break downwards. We know what it will be…

This commodities bull market is an end of rainbow opportunity, so for heaven’s sake – do not mess things up, but make the most of it!

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