As we continue to kickoff trading in 2024, the big picture setup shows the upside mania in the gold and silver markets will soon begin. As Michael Oliver told King World News, it will be a repeat of the upside explosion similar to what unfolded in 1979-80. Here is yet more evidence from Graddhy out of Sweden that we are approaching that upside explosion.

January 8 (
King World News
) –
Graddhy out of Sweden:  
For gold that’s a blue quarterly breakout, using closing prices.

Gold Has Already Seen Its Major Upside Breakout Signaling The Mania In The Gold Market Is Close At Hand

Silver should follow.

Silver Has Yet To See Its Major Upside Breakout. Once That Occurs It Will Signal The Mania In The Silver Market Will Soon Begin

King World News note:  If you are accumulating physical silver, time may be running out to purchase silver on the cheap. The Gold/Silver ratio is about as stretched as it gets, historically, and when the silver market begins to assert itself on the upside the Gold/Silver ratio will begin to collapse in favor of silver. Meaning silver will dramatically outperform gold on the upside, even though gold will also be surging much higher during the coming mania.

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