This is the real reason for Tuesday’s gold surge, plus printing presses are rumbling.

Printing Presses Are Rumbling
December 3 (King World News) – Holger Zschaepitz:  “ECB balance sheet has risen by another €1.8 billion as Lagarde keeps printing press rumbling…

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Has said ECB will be “resolute” in restoring price stability under her presidency. Total assets now at €4,698 billion. Balance sheet now equals to 40.6% of EZ GDP vs 18.8% in US, 103.6% in Japan.

ECBs Balance Sheet Troubling, Now Equals 40.6% Of Eurozone GDP

Up, Up And Away!
Charlie Bilello:
  “Fed’s balance sheet at $4.05 trillion, highest level since Jan 9, up $293 billion over the last 3 months. “This is not QE.” – Jerome Powell

Fed Balance Sheet Crosses $4 Trillion, Up $293 Billion In Just 3 Months!

Since The End Of 2002…
Charlie Bilello:
  “Since the end of 2002…
Fed Balance Sheet Growth: +454%
S&P 500 Total Return: +404%

Fed Balance Sheet Growth = S&P Growth

Hansen On Gold
Ole Hansen:
  “Gold has yet to break the range that has prevailed since November 8 (see below).

Gold Breakout Above $1,480 Will Be Very Significant

Credit Gold’s Surge To The Tariff Man (Trump)
Ole Hansen:  
“Credit goes to the tariff man (Donald Trump) for the slightly higher movement we’re seeing,” said Saxo Bank commodity strategist Ole Hansen. My comment to Reuters why gold trades back above $1470/oz.

The Big Gold & Silver Surprise And The Monetary Endgame
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