Terrifying “Smart Cities” will soon enslave humans.

September 29 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  The COVID War is now the blueprint for the CARBON War, as the push to herd humans into smart cities is set to become a front-and-center issue for the world’s elite.

A new piece published on Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) ties smart cities to a “My Carbon” initiative that would track and control people to reduce their carbon emissions.

Smart Cities represent an ideal environment where a clustered humanity can be more easily surveilled, controlled, punished…and winnowed.

COVID lockdowns, restrictions and passport phone apps were just a prelude—really, a social conditioning and beta testing—of the kind of controls that the WEF is calling on governments to implement.

The stated goal is combat climate change.

But the thinly disguised purpose can be better understood as Human DeGrowth, a term that the WEF itself has named as its objective.

Human DeGrowth essentially admits that the only way “zero carbon” and other climate and green energy goals will be met are not by “sustainable” growth, but by the bulk of humanity producing and consuming less.

Ultimately, the “smartest” feature of smart cities will be in solving the problem of the bulk of earth-polluting humans, by effectively regulating them into “net-zero reproduction.”

The end goal is human depopulation, and a world reserved for a relative few elites.

Smart Cities: Designed To Comprehensively Track And Limit Humans
The recently posted WEF article, titled “‘My Carbon’: An approach for inclusive & sustainable cities,” outlines an agenda for speeding the development and movement of humans to smart cities, in order to mitigate “climate change.”

The article argues that individual humans, and not just vehicles and buildings, need to be intensively monitored and regulated due to their  significant personal carbon emissions:

“Cities across the world account for almost 75% of our total carbon emissions. As countries move towards implementing their pledges for a net zero future, urban areas will remain the action ground for decades to come. While transport and buildings are the major drivers for emissions in cities, the share of individual emissions are significant at around 40%.”

How should humans be regulated within smart cities? The article endorses “personal carbon allowance programs,” which would limit human economic and social activity, purchasing of products and services, travel, etc. to a given allotment of “carbon allowances.”

When you use up your carbon allotment, you’re done for the day, or week, or month. No more buying. No more producing. No more traveling. No more engaging in any activity that would emit or produce more carbon.

As for how personal carbon impacts and allotments will be tracked and tallied, the article points out that the COVID War introduced the framework that should be expanded and utilized to combat Carbon.

In other words, from COVID War to CARBON War.

The article notes:

“COVID-19 was the test of social responsibility – A huge number of unimaginable restrictions for public health were adopted by billions of citizens across the world. There were numerous examples globally of maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, mass vaccinations and acceptance of contact-tracing applications for public health, which demonstrated the core of individual social responsibility.”

The WEF is currently hijacking and leveraging influence on governments via a considerable network of mega-billionaire funded organizations, in order to morph COVID “emergency” policies into CARBON War policies, centered on “smart cities” surveillance, carbon “passport” apps metering carbon usage allowances, etc.

Blockchain technologies capable of tokenizing and tracking every human activity in transactional terms, will be employed to register and subsequently authorize or deny activities, services and material products and goods.

A system of apps, together with IoT (Internet of Things) technology that monitors and transmits data concerning the state and usage of every aspect of the smart city environ, represents a granular level of information that can be monitored and regulated.

Of course, that enormous amount of moment-to-moment data and regulation enforcement will be overseen not only by the automations of the blockchain, but also via Artificial Intelligence.

Since the 1960s, visionary AI scientists have predicted that via self-learning, AI would advance its own learning and “consciousness” at an increasingly exponential rate, making a moment of singularity—where it surpassed the abilities of human intelligence in every respect—a certainty.

Those predictions appear to be coming true. 

Rather than contemplate or try to regulate the enormous potential for danger to humans that such a development of superior AI represents, elites are bent on installing AI as overseers to regulate and confine human activity.

As the WEF article puts it:

“Advances in emerging technologies like AI, blockchain and digitization can enable tracking personal carbon emissions, raise awareness and also provide individual advisories on lower carbon and ethical choices for consumption of product and services.”

The WEF says “advisories,” but there will be nothing optional about the restrictions imposed. Just as there is nothing optional about California phasing out the combustion engine by 2035, or farmers in Europe and Canada currently losing their farms over forced limits on fertilizers, equipment, animal stock numbers and more.

The WEF is already working on practical implementations of blockchain and AI smart city regulations, via its “Scale 360” initiative.

If “Scale 360” sounds all-encompassing, that’s because it is. The initiative seeks to scale personal CARBON War tracking and regulation to every human.

The Propagandizing Of A Generation
The WEF is hardly the only influential international organization advocating COVID-19 type measures in an escalated CARBON War.

Incredibly, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) connected groups like The Natural Resources Defense Council have worked very closely with the Biden Administration on climate change policies.

That group has criticized and fomented for restrictive carbon goals for the U.S., while downplaying China’s much larger carbon emissions, as Fox News recently detailed.

In 2021, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) proposed using crisis messaging techniques modeled from the COVID War to justify climate change policy pains to the public including losses of jobs, forced energy use restrictions, and more.

“First, we need a strategy to overcome short-termism from the outset. Short termism is driven by fears of lost jobs and threatened livelihoods. The best way to defeat it is to communicate coherent and credible policies to ensure a “just transition.” If done right, mitigating climate change—with the use of carbon pricing—can help governments raise revenues that can then be used to create jobs and protect poorer households, which should help societies maintain a longer-term vision toward stopping climate change before it is too late.”

The IMF piece acknowledges something that political messaging regarding the climate proscriptions often gloss over to the public: namely, that restrictions of energy consumption are a major component of climate action: “Climate change is mostly caused by emissions of greenhouse gasses from human activity, requiring us to use less and cleaner energy,”.

Whether the climate change agenda sounds dystopian or reasonable may well depend on your age.

A misanthropic self-loathing has been so successfully inculcated into younger generations via school curricula and pervasive social messaging, that many young people are quite happy to live abide by the restrictions being progressively imposed by elites. 

As the WEF “My Carbon” article crows:

“80% of citizens say they are willing to change how they live and work to combat the effects of climate change. Young adults, who have been at the forefront of some of the most prominent climate change protests in recent years, are more concerned than their older counterparts about the personal impact of a warming planet in many public surveys.”

Make no mistake, though, truly embracing the end goals of elites doesn’t mean living a life of more empowerment or possibilities.

It means handing over more power to elites, who will live exactly as they please, exempted by their financial and political power, while average humanity is made to do without.

Any delusions to the contrary should be dispensed with by noting the WEF’s goals referenced in the article, which include this bullet point graphic:

Restrictions and deprivations required to “reduce demand,” to “sustain the transition to a net-zero carbon society,” and to set “acceptable levels of personal emissions” are all sledgehammers waiting to hit young people who have been deceived that the green energy future will produce a “sustainable” nirvana of plenty, if only the pipeline “throat” of the fossil fuels industry could be cut.

It’s their own necks that are on the climate change chopping block.

Affording a home, a basic cornerstone of the American Dream? It’s fast becoming impossible in radical climate regulation states like California and New York.

As The Wall Street Journal noted about climate measures signed last week by California Governor and would-be 2024 Presidential candidate Gavin Newsom:

“The Western States Petroleum Association says these new [energy] targets would cost every California household between $5,600 and $10,700 a year and increase the cost of building a new home by at least $50,000.”

A WSJ editorial called the new laws a “green-energy shock experiment.”

There’s a lot more shock in store world over, as the CARBON War heats up.  

Like so many proscriptions of elites, things might be different indeed if the ones manipulating and deciding policy had to abide by those policies themselves.

In the case of personal carbon allowances, what if there was no permitting anyone to offset their carbon footprint by using their relative wealth to purchase offsets and avoid personal pain and limitations?

In other words, what if Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, George Soros, Klaus Scwhab, Laurene Powell Jobs and Michael Bloomberg all had to live in the same smart city apartment confines, and work with the exact same personal allotment of carbon and no more, as average citizens?

If equality and fairness is a true goal, then the wealthy should not be permitted to enact a modern framework of “indulgences,” where they can pay to atone for their carbon “sins.”

They should not be allowed to skirt and avoid the limits and pain they impose on others.

A ban on personal carbon offsets, and other measures that compel elites to live by the same rules they dictate, would temper their zealotry. 

If the COVID War demonstrated anything, it was that politicians and the wealthy constantly flouted the laws and policies that they imposed on everyone else.

They said the virus was so deadly that drastic, draconian measures were required. Then they partied, gathered, vacationed, had their hair done at salons, and acted in a myriad of other ways like they were above the law.

That corrupt behavior not only showed how elites abuse their power. It also pointed out the lie that COVID was so deathly dangerous. Their actions spoke louder than their histrionic rhetoric.

Elites are elites in large part because they have the power and the penchant for exempting themselves in one way or another from the rules they force on the rest of us.

Take that power away, and watch how fast the tune changes.

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