The stock market crash is a new experience for a younger generation of investors. One thing is certain, the stock market plunge has now caught the attention of everyone, including the central banks.

Big Tech Meltdown
May 9 (King World News) – Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  This is a quick note to answer some questions this morning related to the continued meltdown in Big Tech. As this is published, the Nasdaq 100 index is indicated down more than 2% from Friday’s close…

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In case there is any doubt about what kind of market environment we’re in, this type of behavior has only been seen during the “crash-y” parts of bear markets. Those are the only times we’ve had to endure such large opening losses in the Nasdaq 100 when the index is already hitting at least a one-year low.

Past Results Indicate High Likelihood Of
Continued Stock Market Crash

For anyone who was watching markets during the financial crisis, this was a regular feature as traders digested all the woeful headlines over the weekend and started the week with even more dread. But because that was a relatively quick crash, there was only once in October of that year when we saw behavior like we’re facing today.

Red Dots Show High Odds For Continue Selloff

Buying Massive Selloff Only Worked In 1987
The sample size is tiny, but the only time it paid for traders to buy the dip in these cases was the initial tremor following the ’87 crash. The others saw more weakness in the days/weeks ahead

Meltdown New Experience For Many Investors/Traders
…This is an atrocious market environment across virtually all financial assets, unlike anything the current generation (or the two generations before) has witnessed. It remains a time to be very judicious about having a buy-the-dip mentality.

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