As we move through the last few trading days in 2020, despite today’s pullback, silver is set to surge to $35, gold to $2,500, but look at what is really going to outperform.

December 22 (King World News)
Otavio Costa:
  Very bullish. Miners to gold ratio continue to form a massive long-term base. It’s the first time in history that miners have reported 4 straight quarters of positive FCF. No longer capital destroyers. They are about to become true cash flow machines.

Massive Silver & Gold Surge
David Hunter:
  Silver & gold are moving out of their 4 month consolidations and beginning next big upleg. Silver will rise to $35 and probably $45-$50 and gold to $2500 in the weeks ahead. Miners will be big beneficiaries with GDX to $55, GDXJ to $100, SIL to $75 & SILJ to $30…

Dire Warning For The US
Jon Case:
To hear Jon Case’s dire warning for the US and also his discussion of the Gold & Silver markets CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

Peter Boockvar:  Imagine being thrown a 5600 page document and told you only have a few hours to read it and then vote on it. Welcome to Congress but that’s business as usual and we know what the meat of the pages say. There is plenty of pork in there though and while cheap credit helps to facilitate all this spending, I still believe the exploding US deficits are being reflected in the weak dollar this year (see below).

Is US Dollar (ORANGE) Set To Plunge,
Tracking Exploding US Budget Deficits (WHITE)

Here again (above) is a 20 yr chart of the US Dollar Index vs the budget deficit as a percent of GDP. While we’re likely due for a dollar bounce or pause in its decline, I do expect to see further weakness in 2021, along with higher long rates with a 10 yr yield going above 1% to something closer to 1.5-2% as inflation picks up.

***To listen to this powerful audio interview discussing the coming massive inflation/hyperinflation, global collapse, money printing, what people can do to protect themselves and much more CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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