A Silver breakout is underway. Veteran market technician, Peter Brandt, noted the “Silver chart is potentially EXPLOSIVE.” Plus WTF? and Ukraine.

February 23
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 Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Silver is trying to make another go at it. Silver is up against blue long term trend line again. It is also up against MA200 which has been strong resistance three times before; back in Aug + Nov + Jan. A break above the now synced blue trend line + MA200 would probably mean Silver has joined Gold’s move higher.

Hours Later Silver Broke Out Solidly
Above The Trend Line

This Is It
Otavio Costa:  This is it. Silver.

Silver Unleashed!

Why Silver Is Finally Being Unleashed
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  This chart clearly shows how undervalued Silver is relative to the US money supply. And since Silver is a hedge against currency debasement together with Gold, and since inflation is caused by an increase in the money supply, this chart has a very, very long way to go.

Silver Is Grotesquely Undervalued

Silver Market Potentially EXPLOSIVE!
Peter Brandt:
  Silver has frustrated my efforts for the past 16 months (and may continue to frustrate me) but I believe that the Silver chart is potentially EXPLOSIVE.

Silver’s Explosive Setup!

Silver’s Explosive Setup!

This Didn’t Happen Because Of Ukraine
Brian Wesbury:
  This surge in oil prices did not happen because of Ukraine, and the more they say it did, the more inflation I expect. Why? Because that means they are making excuses. Just like the 1970s.

Oil Spike Nothing To Do With Ukraine!

More Transitory Inflation
The Daily Shot:
  German electricity prices have been surging.

Holger Zschaepitz:
  US President Biden announces ‘first tranche’ of sanctions on Russia. Will implement sanctions on Russian sovereign debt. BUT Russia’s Debt to GDP ratio is ~18% vs US’s 133%.

WTF? Russian Yield Spikes When
Debt to GDP Is Only 18%…
While Debt to GDP Is 133% In The US!

Also of importance…

Zacapa Resources More Than Doubles Land Position Following Discovery of Porphyry Mineralization at Red Top in Arizona!
Zacapa Resources announces that it has staked an additional 239 mining claims (approximately 19.4 km2) at the 100% owned Red Top project following the discovery of porphyry-style mineralization with the inaugural drill hole on the property. The new staking more than doubles the land position of the Red Top project north of Superior, Arizona. Drill hole RT-21-001 was completed in January to a depth of 1,042 meters encountering extensive porphyry-style alteration and mineralization.

Zacapa Borders Resolution Copper & Rio Tinto

CEO & Director Adam Melnik commented:

The remarkable success of our early drilling at the Red Top porphyry copper project has generated considerable interest and our team acted quickly to secure additional prospective ground in the area.”

Our land position provides ample room for our current and future exploration plans and the major mining companies exploring next door are a testament to the highly prospective ground in this part of the Superior Mining District.”

The Red Top porphyry copper project now includes 431 claims over an area of 33.9 km2 with drilling underway on drill hole RT-22-003. Zacapa Resources, symbol ZACA in Canada.

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