With economies suffering all over the world, a massive booze binge is underway.

Booze Binge
June 3 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  While governments closed down restaurants; forbid haircuts; and banned weddings, funerals, barbeques and going to the beach as “nonessential,” the political royalty christened booze as an “essential” means of life that even the deadly COVID could not kill.

Miserable, locked down, out of work, no fun, isolated, depressed, and stressed out, “essential” alcohol sales from liquor stores are on the rise, and so, too, are alcohol consumption rates. Bloomberg reports sales for liquor delivery services are up 400 percent!

“I expect we’re going to see pretty significant increases in what I call unhealthy alcohol use,” said Sarah Wakeman, an addiction medicine doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston…

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Addiction health practitioners worry about the unprecedented global shutdown. Adam Leventhal, director of the University of Southern California Institute for Addiction Science, stated on 27 May, “A pandemic of this magnitude affecting the entire globe is something we’ve never seen before.”

In China, where the pandemic started, alcohol consumption jumped some 7 percent during the lockdown. A study in the Asian Journal of Psychiatry published on 14 April stated that the extended lockdown “showed higher rates of anxiety, depression, hazardous and harmful alcohol use, and lower mental wellbeing than usual ratio. Results also revealed that young people aged 21 to 40 years are in more vulnerable position in terms of their mental health conditions and alcohol use.”

Unfortunately, as economies sink deeper into despair, so, too, will the human spirit of so many who have been morally and financially devastated by these unprecedented political maneuvers that have, within just a few months, sapped the vestiges of liberty, love, joy, and beauty from the planet.

Beyond alcohol, as we had forecast for months, drug addiction, legal and illegal, will continue to claim more victims in the coming years as the “Greatest Depression” worsens, civil unrest escalates, military clampdowns tighten… and geopolitical tensions intensify.

This is not gloom and doom. I am a trend forecaster, a visionary. What I see coming in the not too distant future is the onset of World War III.

We have seen how easy delusional masses put trust in their governments and follow their orders. Just as easy as they march us off to the COVID War, the Yemen War, the Syrian War, the Libyan War, the Iraq War, the Afghan War, the Serbian War, the Gulf War, the Vietnam War, the Korean War… the political freaks are marching us into World War III.

What can stop it?

Peace and beauty.

Evolving to a higher spirit.

Creating art to express the true meaning of life.

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