This is a truly shocking chart showing the destruction of fiat money real-time. Plus gold and silver prepare to enter a mania.

Get Ready For The Ride Of A Lifetime
January 23 (
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Graddhy out of Sweden:  The commodities bull market should last 10+ years. When Central Banks and Governments move from hiking + QT to cutting + YCC + QE, and secular bull markets in both general equities + bonds are history, global capital flows into the space will be historical. 

Commodities, Including Gold & Silver About To Go On A Historic Blistering Upside Outperformance vs Dow, S&P & NASDAQ

This Is Insane
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Most rising wedges are bearish, but in very bullish moves they are sometimes continuation patterns instead of reversal patterns. 
100% true since 2020 lows. Brutal. Insane.

You Better Own Physical Gold & Silver Before It’s Too Late

Massive implications, for example gold always catches up with government debt and currency supply…

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Debasement Of Fiat Money vs Gold
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Some are slowly realizing that ordinary FX pair charts does not reveal the synced, deliberate debasing of FIAT currencies. Need to measure things vs gold. 
And, major FIAT currencies are in a losing parabolic run vs gold. Gold priced in US dollars will follow.

This Is What The Destruction Of Fiat Money Looks Like Real-Time:

Gold Priced In Chinese Yuan Seeing A Parabolic Move

Gold Priced In British Pounds Also In A Parabola

Gold Priced In Euros Also In A Parabola

Gold Priced In Australian Dollars Also In A Parabola

King World News note:  If you are purchasing physical gold and silver on a dollar cost average basis continue to do so. Do not get cute and try to time these markets. For those of you who do not have any position the clock is ticking in terms of acquiring cheap physical gold and silver. For those of you in the high-quality mining and exploration companies you are seeing the last of the pain before a dramatic outperformance begins that will be historic in terms of previous bull markets. Enjoy the ride.

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