On the heels of a chaotic week across the globe, today one of the wealthiest and street smart pros in the business, Rick Rule, told King World News this is the wildest market he has been confronted with in 45 years.

A Week Of Panic
August 17 (King World News) – Eric King:  “Rick, it has been a wild week, absolutely amazing what’s going across the globe.  We have yields plunging around the world, the gold market has stayed strong, stocks have been volatile.  But this is the kind of trading you don’t see very often in your career, if ever.  Your thoughts on what’s unfolding.”

Wildest Situation I Have Been Confronted With In 45 Years
Rick Rule: 
“Eric, I usually duck your big picture questions as you know, but the truth is that the big picture is, as you described, so chaotic that there’s no ducking it.  This is the wildest set of circumstances that I have been confronted with in 45 years of investing.  The circumstance that we are in in terms of the global economy and its impact on your investments is a circumstance that nobody that I know of has ever seen before.  We are in completely uncharted waters.  The climate that we are in right now is really, really ripe for surprises.  One of the things that your listeners have to do (right now) is…To continue listening to what listeners need to be doing right now and hear what Rick Rule expects next in major markets, including gold CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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