Investors need to prepare because we are in the quiet before the storm.

Quiet Before The Storm
March 27 (King World News)
James Turk out of London:
  Don’t get lulled into thinking that gold and silver have fallen asleep. It’s always quiet before the storm. Gold still bouncing from early March oversold territory and making progress trying to turn its trend higher even with shorts capping prices during option expiry.

Gold & Silver Option Expiry Price
Capping Coming To An End

Buy Physical
Paint-the-tape selling pressure on silver last week trying to distract from gold relative strength. Pushed silver into oversold territory with 4.2% rise in the Gold/Silver ratio to 69. No guarantees but chart shows good bounces in silver when RSI roughly at current levels. Buy physical.

RSI This Oversold Has Provided Excellent Timing
For Those Buying Physical Gold & Silver

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