With people around the world worried about the escalating crisis in Greece and conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, today former U.S. Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, warned King World News that we are in scary times as the Russians won't comply and the risk of world war is rising.

Former US Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts (below) says the risk of world war is now rising.KWN Roberts I 6:26:2015

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:  “We are in scary times.  The neoconservative ideology which rules American foreign policy and military policy says that the first objective is to prevent the rise of Russia.  So if that’s your first objective, then you have to prevent Russia’s rise.  In other words, you are committed to war….

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“The U.S. pulled off a coup in Ukraine.  They’ll try the same thing in the former Soviet central Asian republics like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan.  They will create propaganda about how Russia is going to attack Poland or the Baltics.

King World News - Paul Craig Roberts - Putin Just Warned The West It Faces These Terrifying Consequences

The Russians Are Not Going To Comply And Europe Will Be Obliterated

They will build up all their troops and bases, hoping to knuckle Russia under and make them agree to comply with American foreign policy.  But the Russians are not going to do it.  The Russians are not going to comply.  So unless some change happens, we are on the road to war.  And if there is a war, Europe will be completely obliterated.  That will be the first thing that happens.  Europe will just disappear off the face of the earth.”

Eric King:  “Dr. Roberts, how do you think this will end?  You’ve written about some possible scenarios but what do you really expect to happen?”

Dr. Roberts:  “I think that conflict gets out of hand.  And Washington is pushing conflict hard.  In fact, Washington takes tremendous risks.  Take this Malaysian Airliner MH17.  It’s obvious that the Russians and the so-called breakaway republics had nothing whatsoever to do with the downing of that airliner.  We know this for many reasons and the most obvious reason is that the report that is supposed to have been issued by the Dutch, who are the principal people investigating this, can’t get released because Washington is blocking it.

KWN Arnott I 7:26:2015

Dutch Investigators Deny The Leaks But The Mainstream Media Ignores It

Instead of the report getting released, Washington leaks to the Western media that the report has concluded that Russia shot down the plane, or that these breakaway republics supported by Russia shot down the plane.  So you keep seeing these stories — these leaks.  And then the Dutch investigators stand up and they refute leaks.  The Dutch investigators say, ‘No, we’ve not made any such conclusion.’  But the denials don’t get the coverage that the accusations get.  (LAUGHTER).  And so Washington is getting more and more people to think that the Russians were involved because they leak what they claim is the report but they won’t allow the report to be released.

Now what is Washington doing?  Washington says, ‘Now we will really set the Russians up.  What we will do is get Malaysia to go to the United Nations and ask for a UN tribunal to investigate.  This will come before the Security Council and Russia will have to veto it because Russia will know that it’s a setup — that it’s going to be a show trial of Russia to find them guilty.'

King World News - Massive Contagion Will Lead To A Worldwide Financial Catastrophe And Will The U.S. Start World War III?

The Risk Of War Is Extremely Great

The Russians know that and so they’ll have to veto it.  And when they veto it the U.S. can say, ‘See, they are afraid of the truth.  They are against justice for the Malaysians.’  And that’s exactly what happened.  So when you see Washington this determined to create an environment based entirely on lies, then you have to assume that the risk of war is extremely great.” ***KWN has now released the remarkable audio interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and you can listen to it when it's released by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.  Dr. Roberts discusses a world on the edge of chaos, the turmoil in the gold and silver markets, what surprises to expect and much more.

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KWN ROBERTS MP3 8:1:2015

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