Today former US Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, gave a shocking interview to King World News covering criminal activity by the U.S. Federal Reserve.  He also discussed the outrageous action in the gold and silver markets, and why the West is so desperate.  Below is what Dr. Roberts had to say in this stunning interview.

Eric King:  “Dr. Roberts, there has been speculation about who is really behind this (most recent decline in gold).  You’ve talked about the bullion banks being agents for the U.S. government.  You were there at the US.. Treasury) when (President) Ronald Reagan called in people like you, David Stockman and others — it was to save the country (in 1980).  At that time there was a great crisis.  As you’ve watched this (recent decline) unfold, people wonder:  Who are they (the bullion banks) doing this for?”

Dr. Roberts:  “Eric, it’s clear, this is the Federal Reserve protecting the value of the dollar from quantitative easing and the massive increase in the supply of dollars and dollar-denominated debt.  Normally when a central bank creates 4 trillion new dollars the currency collapses….

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“It’s not worth anything in terms of rubles, euros, yen, or (even) pesos.  This hasn’t happened (yet). …But it’s very obvious what they (the Fed) are doing.  And the consequences of it are also very dangerous because essentially what it means is that gold is being driven out of the West, into the hands of the Chinese, Indians, and the Russians.

But when the fiat currencies in the West get in trouble, there is nothing to back them with because all the gold is in Asia.  So the Fed, trying to save four big banks, it increased its balance sheet $4 trillion, and national debt in the United States increased 7 or 8 trillion dollars.  This puts pressure on the dollar.  The pressure shows up in the gold price and so they suppress the gold price.  That’s the story.  I’m convinced there is no other explanation.

Apparently these (agent) banks can print gold futures contracts in unlimited amounts, just as the Federal Reserve can print U.S. dollars in unlimited amounts.  And then in the space of a minute, two, three, or four minutes, dump the equivalent of 20, 30, 40 (or more) tons of gold as represented by these paper claims to gold into the futures markets during periods of essentially no trading.  The favorite time is around 3 o’clock in the morning EST.  It’s almost always when the Asian physical markets are closed.

That’s exactly what’s going on.  It’s illegal.  It’s not merely unethical — it’s strictly illegal.  But it’s being done by the authorities, or with their permission.”

Eric King:  “It sure doesn’t look like a bear market when you look at demand.”

Dr. Roberts:  “It’s not a bear market (in terms of demand).  As I’ve said, the demand for gold and silver has exploded.  For example, yesterday we had the U.S. Mint announce the suspension of sales of the silver eagles.  They announced the suspension of it because they don’t have enough supply to meet the demand — they can’t get enough silver to make the coins.

The same thing has happened in Canada.  The (Royal) Canadian Mint is now rationing the supply of silver maple leafs because the demand exceeds their ability to meet the market.  So the demand for (physical) gold and silver is not in bear territory.  It’s one of the greatest bull markets of all-time.  How can there be a bear market when you can’t even buy the coins?

It’s impossible for any economist to reconcile a situation in which the demand exceeds the supply — and the price is falling?  That can only be done because the price is established in a fake, phony paper market where you can control the supply by printing contracts.  It’s a way for the central banks to control the value of the fiat money by (artificially) driving down the gold price.

There is no other market in which something real is priced in a fake paper market.  So what you see happening now is all the people who said, ‘I’ve got to protect myself.  They are printing money, there’s going to be inflation, I’m going to buy gold and silver.’  They didn’t understand how the government could rig the price of gold and drive it down in the face of massive money and debt creation.

So they made a bet that was rational and they didn’t understand the desperate nature and corruption in the system.  And now that the government has consistently driven the gold price down from $1,900 to $1,100, they are demoralized — they’ve lost faith.  They say, “Oh, only if I’d been in the stock market.  Why did I buy this?  I’ve got to get out.’  And now they (some gold and silver investors) are selling their coins.  They are selling their coins at a time when their is a shortage of coins.

The U.S. Mint has stopped selling them because it can’t get the bullion to produce them, and the Canadian Mint is on the verge of having to do that.  Well, that’s not the time you want to sell.  The indication there is that the government has pushed this so far that there is a massive supply problem.

And what this policy has done is subsidized all the purchases of gold and silver in India, China, and Russia.  They’ve been able to buy at this rigged low price.  It’s like a subsidy.  This (suppression) policy, the people responsible for this should be arrested and put on trial.  This is a criminal policy.

And any economist should understand you can’t possibly have a bear market when the demand for bullion is exploding, the supply is constrained — and the price is falling?  That’s the opposite of supply and demand.  And so it has to be a rigged price.  Rigged prices are illegal, even if the authorities are behind it.”  This is one of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts’ best audio interviews ever and it will be available later today. You can listen to the audio by CLICKING HERE.  He discusses the shocking endgame, gold, criminality of banks and governments and more.  

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