Here are a couple of things to think about after another week of panic trading in global markets.

Global Stock Market Plunge
August 17 (King World News) – Holger Zschaepitz: 
“Global stocks have lost another $1.9 trillion in market cap this week as recession fears sparked by a further collapse in bond yields following soft China & Europe data & US-China trade escalations rattle investors nerves… (See below).

PANIC IN WORLD MARKETS: Global Stock Markets Plunged Another $1.9 Trillion In Market Cap This Week

A Brave New World
Jeroen Blokland: 
“In case you missed it! Switzerland’s 10-year bond yield has dropped to a staggering -1.13%! (See below).

A BRAVE NEW WORLD: Switzerland’s 10-Year Bond Yield Has Dropped To A Staggering -1.13%!

State Of Markets
Sven Henrich summed up the situation as follows:
 The 2019 up trend has been broken. (See below).

CAUTION: 2019 S&P Uptrend Line Has Broken

Lots of resistance ahead on future rallies. The bull case is once again dependent on central bank intervention to bring about multiple expansion. No intervention, no bull case.

KWN has just released the powerful audio interview with Rick Rule where he discusses chaotic global markets and what investors need to be doing right now, plus what he expects next in major markets, including gold CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

Wildest Market In 45 Years
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