For all of the gold and silver bulls across the globe, take a look at this…

Important Chart For Gold & Silver Bulls
September 2 (King World News)
  Below is one of the most important charts in the world for gold and silver bulls.

Next Cycle Low For US Dollar = March 2025

Bottom Line
King World News note:  Despite the occasional and sometimes vicious bear market countertrend rally, the US dollar is headed much lower until its final low which is expected to take place in the year 2025. This is another good example of why it is so important for people around the world to protect themselves by owning physical gold and silver…

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Gold & Silver Bulls
Gold and silver are in bull markets vs all global fiat currencies
, it’s just that some will lose more than others vs the precious metals. During this time frame you can expect the mining shares to radically outperform gold, silver, and the stock market.

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