Today multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price disclosed his encounter with a UFO over the Pacific Ocean.

“The Night Was Pitch-Black”
January 8 (King World News
) – Multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price:  
In the early ‘nineties my wife Esther and I cruised from Ixtapa to Acapulco – some 150 miles – in our recently-acquired Hinckley Sou’wester 42; I had purchased it from its previous owner, who had bought it newly-built in 1983. 

We were motoring about four or five miles off-shore, roughly in a southeastern direction, and it was about 12 midnight; I was at the helm keeping the boat on course, because we had not yet installed an automatic pilot on the boat, and my wife was with me to keep me awake; she was sitting to my left in the cockpit. 

The night was pitch-black, and we must have been more than 50 miles away from Acapulco, because the glow of its lights in the sky was not yet visible above the horizon. The sea was calm…

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Multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price continues:  
Suddenly, a group of lights headed our way appeared out of the East, to my left, behind my wife’s back. The lights formed a group of about five, and appeared to be fixed to a single flying object; the night was dark and I was not able to make out the form of the object to which the lights were fixed. As I recall, I could have blocked out the lights by holding up a thumb to them. 

I immediately said to Esther, “Look!” and she turned to see the lights as they swiftly approached. We lost sight of the lights as they passed over the canvas spread over the cockpit, but caught sight of them again as they went on towards the West, where they quickly vanished. All this happened in a few seconds. 

What we saw was a “UFO” – an “Unidentified Flying Object”. 

I could not tell how high this object was flying, but I guess it might have been at 2,000 feet. It was moving very fast and had it been an airplane, we would have heard its engines, but it made no sound at all. If it had been a human transport – why did it disappear to the West, into the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, totally empty for thousands of miles in that direction? 

“There Is Something Very Odd Going On In Our World”
This experience has made me a believer in UFOs. I am skeptical about  many videos that claim to depict UFOs, but I do not doubt that there is something very odd going on in our world. Whatever they are, UFOs apparently avoid interfering in human affairs. Perhaps we are being observed.

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