Most bullish set up for gold and silver in over 50 years, gold and silver stocks getting ready to soar! Plus more surprises.

Best Possible Scenario For Gold
June 10 (
King World News) –
Fred Hickey:  “…negative “real” yields soaring to -3.5%. Typically, the best possible scenario for gold. Should be a good test for the current gold pullback following sharp 2-month gold rally to “overbought” technical levels. Is the pullback over? We’ll soon find out.”

Look Around You
Fred Hickey on inflation:
  “Look around you. Paying less for anything now? Been to grocery store? Pumped gas? (up 56.2% in CPI), bought any clothing (apparel prices +5.6% in CPI), travelled anywhere? (“transportation services” in CPI +11.2%). Bought a house (+19%). Economists only ones not seeing inflation.”

This Won’t End Well
The Daily Shot:
  The US stock market’s put-call ratio is once again hitting extreme lows, signaling wider investor complacency. (See chart below).

Public Officially Gambling All-In On Stocks
Put/Call Has Now Collapsed To Extreme Lows

First Time!
Jeroen Blokland: 
8 trillion! The Federal Reserve balance sheet just hit USD 8 trillion for the first time. (See chart below).

Fed’s Balance Sheet Hits $8 Trillion!

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Propaganda Has Never Been Louder
Otavio Costa:
  Last time real yields reached such low levels was in 70s and policy makers called for a war on inflation. Today, they are welcoming it. In fact, the “transitory” propaganda has never been louder. This is perhaps the most bullish macro set up for precious metals in over 50 yrs. (See chart below).

Most Bullish Set Up For Gold & Silver In Over 50 Years

Mining Stocks Strong
Otavio Costa:
  When resistance becomes support. Gold & silver stocks looking strong in all fronts. Technicals, fundamentals and macro. (See chart below).

Gold & Silver Stocks Getting Ready To Soar!

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