With the Dow plunging, Michael Oliver, who is well known for his deadly accurate forecasts on stocks, bonds, and major markets, just told King World News “they’re going to crash this son of a bitch.”

“They’re Going To Crash This Son Of A Bitch”
December 19 (King World News) – Michael Oliver:  “I know this is a bigger crisis than we’ve had before.  I called the top in 2000 and 2007, but this downturn is different…

Gold is making its way back into the global monetary
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The bond market is ready to blow out on the upside.  This may look like an inverse crash (on the upside).  Meaning, we are going to see a huge drop in yields and a rally in bonds.

If we don’t hold 2,300 on the S&P, this thing is going to come undone.  They’re going to crash this son of a bitch. I could see the S&P crashing as low as 1,300 in a matter of weeks.  Imagine the panic on the trading desks as this market comes unhinged.

Gold Ready To Launch
Gold and gold miners are ready to launch.  Gold is going to go through $1,400.  The GDX (Gold Mining Index) will trade from where it is currently in the 19s all the way to 30.” The timely and powerful King World News interview with legend Pierre Lassonde will be released shortly discussing the recent carnage and what to expect next.

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