The man who astonishingly telegraphed the Dutch gold repatriation nearly 30 days ago said today that the U.S. gold hoard, which countries believe is safely stored at the New York Fed, is gone.  A portion of his remarkably accurate dispatch on October 23rd is below as well as a link to the entire piece.  There is also a written piece from him below about today’s announcement and what the shocking ramifications of this announcement are.

First, here is just a small portion of how Egon von Greyerz telegraphed today’s stunning news to his subscribers on October 23rd, nearly one month before today’s public disclosure about the Dutch repatriation:

“We have heard from one very reliable source that repatriation of gold is secretly taking place at this moment from the USA to Europe. This is October 2014!

The information contains details about transported quantities by one of the global security firms being much higher than usual, as well as country of destination.

The mere fact that this repatriation of gold appears to be happening in secret confirms what wealth preservation investors have always known, namely that Gold should be held under direct control of the owner. That is the only proof that the gold actually exists.”

Below is today’s commentary from Egon von Greyerz, the man who knew about the Dutch gold repatriation ahead of the rest of the world:

By Egon von Greyerz Founder of Matterhorn Asset Management

November 21 (King World News) – Man Who Telegraphed Dutch Repatriation Says U.S. Gold Gone

The Dutch Central Bank brings home some gold

Until recently the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) had only 11% of its gold in Holland. But today we have learnt that they have brought 122 tons back from the US which means that they now have only 69% abroad and most of it in the US.

Our sources told us already in October that this was happening in Holland and we did send out a note to subscribers on Oct 23, without mentioning the country. CLICK HERE.

So why has Holland left 69% of its gold abroad? They should be concerned after Germany were told by the Fed that they could only have a few tons back of the 680 tons they wanted. Germany was told by the Fed that they could have the rest back in 2020. This the clearest evidence ever that the Fed does not have the German gold….

Continue reading the Egon von Greyerz piece below…


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It was probably leased or sold by the Fed to a bullion bank. The buyer was most certainly China and this is where the gold is now. All Germany has is a paper claim on the Fed. And the Fed can of course never find the physical gold at anywhere near current prices.

With Holland the story is probably the same. 31% of their gold is now at the Fed and that gold is probably in China. So Holland got back the gold that the Fed could find since the rest most likely doesn’t exist.

The DNB said in their press release that “this may have also have a positive effect on public confidence.” There is no reason for the Dutch to feel confident with 69% of their gold abroad and most of it probably is just paper gold.

In the Swiss Gold Initiative, one of the requirements is to bring the Swiss gold of 300 tons back from abroad. 200 tons are said to be in London and 100 tons in Ottawa. I participated in a debate on Swiss Television in Geneva a few days ago. When Jean-Pierre Roth, the former President of the Swiss National Bank was asked if anyone had seen the gold, he just stated that he trusts the UK and Canada.

But sadly it seems that all this “trust” that central bankers have in the Fed and other custodian banks is ill-founded. Because when it comes to the test, a lot of gold held by central banks in the West seems to have evaporated. The KWN audio interview with Egon von Greyerz, James Turk and Luzi Stamm (architect of Swiss Gold Initiative) discussing the stunning ramifications of the Dutch gold repatriation and much more will be released later today and you can listen to it when it is released by CLICKING HERE.

King World News note:  Greyerz is correct, the gold no longer exists at the Fed as it is now safely in the vaults in China or any number of other destinations in Asia.

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