With the eyes of the world now waiting to see what will unfold in Greece after the Greek Parliament just voted against the will of the people for more intense austerity measures, today the man who said There Is No Deal…Riots And Chaos In Athens warned King World News that all hell is going to break loose and there will be no peace in Greece.

This ominous prediction from Michael Pento in a February 21st KWN interview was astounding:

"Regardless of whatever semblance of a deal that was announced and being happily pushed by the (mainstream) media on Friday, there will most likely be chaos in the streets of Athens on Monday, because if the Tsipras-led government and the Syriza Communist Party do agree to austerity, they will be going against the electorate and there will be riots in Greece."

Within days of that viral interview, this image was published by the BBC, which ran a headline warning "Violence in Athens."

KWN Pento I 3:5:2015

Astonishingly, Pento then issued the following warning in a March 5th KWN interview, with the eerily accurate headline 'Greek People Feel Betrayed By Tsipras Government':

"This is something that I don't want to see happening.  I always pray for peace but the Greek people feel that the Tsipras government committed treason by negotiating a short-term deal with the troika.  So we have already seen the Greek people beginning to protest once again."

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King World News - Man Who Predicted Riots In Athens Warns All Hell Is Going To Break Loose

Man Who Predicted Riots In Athens Warns All Hell Is Going To Break Loose

Michael Pento issues new warning after Greek Parliament betrays its people and votes yes on the latest round of austerity measures:  “I warned several months ago that there would be riots in Athens, Greece.  Now I am telling you, Eric, that there will be no peace in Greece, despite the mainstream touting the latest iteration of a Greek bailout.  So we are going to see more riots in Greece.  I correctly predicted it would happen back then, and unfortunately it is coming true once again today.

To this day there has been no credible debt relief offered by the troika.  For this situation to stabilize, there must be a massive writedown of debt, and then the Greeks must learn to live with a balanced budget.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media characterizes the rioters in Greece as ‘anarchists,’ but the reality is that many of the Greek people are starving to death.  These people aren’t anarchists — they are part of the 62 percent of Greeks who want to take control of their own fate.

KWN Pento I 7:15:2015

The only way the Greeks can do that is to default on their debt and go back to printing their own currency, just as they have for thousands of years.  That’s the only way to solve this problem once and for all.  Until they do that, we are going to see a carousel of bailouts, continued depression in Greece, and Molotov cocktails, fires and riots in Athens Square.” ***KWN has now released the incredibly powerful KWN audio interview with Stephen Leeb, where he explains exactly how China is concealing its true gold holdings, where the gold is being held, what the Chinese are really up to, how it will impact the gold market, what surprises are in store for the gold market and much more, and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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KWN Leeb mp3 7:18:2015

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