A major breakout in the silver market is now unfolding, it will create explosive upside trading in silver.

July 17 (King World News) – 
Ole Hansen at SaxoBank:  “Following a 50% retracement of the May to June rally silver has now broken higher and could potentially be targeting $15.85 followed by $16.15, the Feb highs. Spec length is light which may attract some switching from gold with XAUXAG (Gold/Silver ratio) back below 90 today (see chart below).

Silver Breaks Out, Look For Higher Prices

Demand For Silver Increasing
Holger Zschaepitz:
  “Precious metal in demand w/ Silver up >2% as Silver ETFs have continued to register substantial inflows in recent days – inflows since the start of the month have exceeded 600 tons. (See chart below).

Silver ETFs Continue To Register Substantial Inflows…More Than 600 Tonnes Since The Start Of July

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Important Silver Breakout
Stefano Bottaioli, Italian analyst:  This breakout could be very important!! watch carefully!! (See chart below).

Major Silver Breakout Unfolding, Will Create Explosive Upside Trading In Silver. Similar Breakouts Saw Silver Price Soar A Staggering 66% To 975%!

Bullish Gold Catalyst
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