Today a man who has been uncovering critical information for 25 years stunned King World News when he warned Life as we have known it is coming to an end.”  This astonishing interview takes a trip down the rabbit hole of government betrayal and covers everything from the raping and pillaging of a country to the destruction of the middle class and total economic collapse.

Stephen Quayle:  Most people focus primarily on three things:  The stock market, phony economic data releases and Fed announcements.  But the middle class was warned by Ross Perot in 1992.  He said that 'giant sucking sound' was jobs going offshore.  Since Perot issued that warning, the middle class has been systematically destroyed in the United States….

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Eric, how many times have we heard consumer spending fuels the economy?  Well, broke people can’t buy houses, feed their families, or take vacations.

Meanwhile, in Europe we are seeing the results of militant Islam.  The freedom of expression has died in Europe.  We are now in the midst of a global revolution and uprising.  What we are seeing is a total communist takeover.  Life as we have known it is coming to an end.

It’s also important to note that the Chinese are buying up all of the key assets, including real estate, that they can get their hands on in the United States.  We saw the Japanese doing the same thing in the late 1980s.  The big difference between Japan and China is that China now controls more physical gold than any other country in the world.

Collapse Is Inevitable

Meanwhile, in the West all of the markets are being manipulated by the central planners.  But manipulation eventually results in madness and mayhem and a lot of dead people.  It also results in extensive poverty.  The chasm between the rich and the poor is now one of the largest in history.  This growing disparity will eventually lead to anarchy and severe disruptions in the West.

People must understand, when a nation divorces itself from a just measure of money and prints fiat money indiscriminately, its population becomes so indebted that collapse is inevitable.

Desperate President Nixon Sets The Stage For Plunder

Eric King:  “8 1/2 months before President Richard Nixon closed the gold window on August 15, 1971, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency began operating when President Nixon signed an executive order on December 2, 1970.  The job of the EPA has been to make massive land grabs where the United States has extensive mineral resources.  People don’t understand the connection, but President Nixon created the EPA so that land and those mineral resources could be used as collateral to continue to fund the massive U.S. debt.  This policy has continued to this day.”

Quayle:  “I didn’t know it happened in 1970, but in the last 20 years the fire sale of America’s premier real estate, technology, intellectual property, manufacturing capability and natural resources has taken place at an unbelievable rate.  When China was busy buying all of the U.S. debt, they were also demanding real collateral.  The globalists and their puppet leaders have raped, pillaged and plundered America’s technology base, manufacturing base, national parklands, and natural resource base.  As an example, President Bill Clinton was transferring critical high-level U.S. technology to the Chinese during his administration. 

Eric, this is why gold and silver have withstood the test of time.  When nations and governments fail, along with their paper money schemes, people ultimately have to return to a true measure and medium of exchange which gold and silver have fulfilled since the beginning of history.” If you are interested in purchasing physical gold and silver for delivery you can call Steve Quayle or his staff at (406)586-4842, or you can email them at

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