With chaos ready to erupt at any moment, this is about to shock the world.

Eric King:  “Rick, we have the gold and silver markets doing exactly what you said they were going to do when we spoke in 2015.  You told KWN readers around the world that they needed to be patient and the bear market hell would come to an end, the gold and silver markets would turn and the high-quality mining shares would skyrocket.  That bull move is already solidly underway.  What do you say to KWN readers at this point?”

Rick Rule:  “A couple of things are important here: Don’t trade your core positions, but absolutely trade your trading positions.  You will recall, Eric, that in September and October of last year I said to you that the market conditions and the outlook was so bleak, that any contrarian in the world worth his salt had to buy some junior gold stocks.

The positions that I bought at the end of 2015 are uniformly up a lot and I have taken some profits on those trading positions.  As I said last time we spoke, Eric, we could see a 30 or 40 percent cyclical decline in a secular bull market and still have the bull market intact.  It doesn’t matter to the market but it might matter to investors.

KWN Rule I 9:7:2016Don’t Get Shaken Out Of The Gold Bull Market
So raising some cash may not be a bad idea after such a big run.  But mark my words, a year from now or two years from now the gold price will very likely be much higher and the gold equities will also be significantly higher.  However, between now and then your patience is likely to be tried.  If people take profits along the way, they will have both the cash and the courage to ride this bull market to its conclusion.  If they don’t, they will likely be shaken out, which would be a real tragedy.

I would also like to mention one more time about Sprott Asset Management’s technician Paul Wong.  He was disgustingly right during the entire bear market in gold and silver, and has been equally amazingly right through the early stages of the bull market in the metals.  He is now saying that the gold shares are oversold and gold is headed to $1,600.  All I can say, Eric, is, from his lips to God’s ear.”

Eric King:  “Rick, for those who missed the massive but early move in the mining shares, there is an absolutely unbelievable opportunity for investors in one unloved and unfollowed market right now.  Can you talk about that?”

KWN Rule II 9:7:2016“One Of The Most Explosive Bull Markets I Have Ever Witnessed”
Rick Rule:  
“You know, Eric, I was very early to the last uranium bull market but it was the most explosive bull markets I have ever witnessed.  What’s interesting about the market that we have today is that past is prologue in this case.

Very recently there was a study published by the International Energy Agency that said globally the cost to produce a pound of uranium was $60 – $65.  So the depressed uranium price is totally unsustainable.  We are in the same place were in 15 years ago before the last uranium bull market exploded to the upside.  And that last uranium boom spawned 500 junior uranium companies.  Eric, we now only have 10 or 15 junior uranium companies, down from 500.

Uranium Stocks Will Skyrocket!
We already know that the price of uranium has to go up because it’s an important source of power and it’s below the cost of production.  But what’s interesting to me, Eric, is that this market still has a memory.  The last up-move in the uranium stocks was so dramatic that when the uranium price starts to move, the impact on the remaining junior uranium equities, the ones who are the survivors, will be very, very strong to the upside.

As the uranium space relates to the gold sector, you know that the price of the gold equities has far outpaced the increase in the price of gold.  And when the uranium bull market kicks off, the memory of both the earlier uranium boom and the junior gold stock boom will be fresh in investor’s minds…

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Rick Rule continues:  “It could start at any time or it may take a while before the bull market kicks off because the truth is that nobody knows the exact start date, but I am personally, along with my clients, beginning to deploy capital into these stocks right now.  I have a strong amount of patience and so like I said, I am beginning to deploy capital.

This Mega-Bull Market Is Going To Shock The World
And you will see the Sprott Group being much more aggressive in the uranium business, including sponsoring a specialized uranium conference in 2017.  We want to have the Sprott name all over the uranium sector in anticipation of the upcoming mega-bull market.”

Eric King:  “Rick, speaking of the coming uranium boom, KWN has just completed an interview with the man who is CEO of one of the premier uranium companies in the world today.  What is extremely interesting about this company is the fact that the the richest man in Asia, with a net worth of over $35 billion, considered to be the “Warren Buffett of Asia,” looked all over the world and decided to invest in this U.S.-based junior uranium company by taking a 10 percent position, and he has participated in every single offering since his initial investment.  Why is this so interesting?  Because this is the only low cost, 100 percent unhedged uranium company in the world that he has chosen to invest in!

This company was acquiring high-quality properties on the cheap during the bear market in uranium and their Chairman, a former United States Secretary of Energy, current board member of $60 billion Occidental Petroleum, and past Chairman of international uranium powerhouse AREVA, believes that this company’s share price is set to skyrocket as the bull market in uranium gets underway.  And as you said, Rick, this will be historic bull market in the uranium sector.

King World News - Rick Rule - This Is What We Are Doing At Sprott With Our Own Money Right Now

A Huge Opportunity
This is the kind of opportunity that is available as we get ready to kick off what will surely be a spectacular bull market in the uranium sector.  If you are looking to invest in one of the high-quality companies to take advantage of what will be a massive secular bull market in uranium, then this company should be on your list.  I would encourage all KWN readers around the world to stop what you are doing and listen to this very short but important interview with the company’s Chairman and CEO by CLICKING HERE.

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