As we head to the end of what has been a chaotic first quarter of trading in 2017, a legend who oversees more than $180 billion spoke with King World News and issued a dire warning.

“A Shiller PE ratio of 30 for the United States is a triumph of wishful thinking over reality.  I’d be very wary of U.S. stocks at these levels.” — Rob Arnott, oversees $180+ billion

KWN Rob Arnott 5:15:2015Legend Rob Arnott, whose firm helps to oversee $180 billion globally, just issued a dire warning.

Eric King:  “Rob, when you look at the narrative that Europe is in trouble, particularly relating to the future of the euro, does the euro survive in your opinion?”

Rob Arnott:  “I don’t think the euro survives.  The first break in the euro comes when one of the major countries decides to opt-out.  I don’t think that…To continue listening to the extraordinary KWN audio interview with legend Rob Arnott CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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