Why America Just Lost Its First Cyberwar

The most powerful supercomputers in the world – and what they do? We live in the computer age so it’s no surprise that a nation’s international importance is often measured on the number and the size of supercomputers it runs. After three wins in a row, it was no surprise that this supercomputer, was hailed once again as the world’s most powerful system…

10+ Awesome Ways to Blow Your Holiday Bonus

Not everyone gets a holiday bonus, but for those that do it’s definitely a special feeling, especially when that bonus is unexpected. You can treat it as an extension of your salary for all of your hard work, or look at as “hey, free money!” Found money is the best and what you do with it can be exciting. There are so many ways to blow your holiday bonus…



Phil Collins plans new album, comeback tour

The former Genesis singer and drummer, who has not released an album of new material since 2002, said in an interview published Wednesday that he is installing a studio in his home in Miami and will begin work on a new album in about a month. “I’m no longer officially retired,” he told Rolling Stone magazine. Collins, 64, announced his retirement in 2011 but is planning to return to the