With the price of precious metals surging, today John Embry told King World News that Deep State operatives are becoming desperate as gold and silver near major breakouts.

Silver Set To Soar
John Embry:  “The reality is that there are so many things the markets should be factoring in besides a geopolitical event.  To a considerable extent this has been reflected in the staggering rise of Bitcoin.  But in the end, the real story for monetary value will be turn out to be gold and silver…


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John Embry continues:  No one knows that better than the Deep State operatives, who are desperate to keep their doomed pure fiat currency system going as long as possible.  That explains the relentless suppression of gold and silver, the impact of which has certainly been effective in North America where interest in the precious metals is plumbing historic lows.

Gold Demand Strong Outside Of North America
This does not appear to be the case in the rest of the world where demand for physical gold and silver appears to be accelerating, particularly in the important Chinese market.  There is considerable speculation as to how much gold there actually is in China, but I believe there is certainly dramatically more than the official number.  And it is most likely higher than some of the more optimistic estimates made by various gold analysts.  I suspect that Stephen Leeb, who is regularly interviewed on KWN, is going to be proven correct in his hypothesis concerning gold in China.

I find the lack of interest in gold and silver in the United States to be fascinating.  In my opinion, no one needs more precious metals protection than Americans these days.  The US is in the early stages of an economic recession that could easily morph into a depression.  It’s finances are in disarray with record debt levels in all sectors of the economy — government, corporate, and consumer.  And the upcoming debt ceiling debate in Congress could prove disruptive.   In addition, the social cohesion appears to be breaking down.  This is occurring before the real economic and financial problems that will cripple America have unfolded.  I am extremely uncomfortable with what might occur in the face of real economic hardship, with a heavily armed and angry populace reacting badly to a sharply lower standard of living.

The Endgame
I have believed for some time that we are in the endgame for the global bailout that occurred in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008.  Absolutely nothing has been corrected.  The bubbles are dramatically larger and the powers that be have little left in their arsenals other than unlimited money printing accompanied by propaganda that attempts to obscure reality.

Gold, silver, platinum, and their respective equities remain on the bargain counter while virtually nothing else is, with conventional stocks, bonds, and real estate being hideously overvalued.”

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