Here is a look at what’s at stake post-FOMC in gold, silver and the US dollar.

December 13 (King World News) – It’s time to take a look at the US dollar, which was hit post-FOMC.  Note the head & shoulders pattern on the right hand side of the chart.  A break below the neckline would send the dollar back to the recent lows of roughly 91 from the current 93.5 level (see chart below).

Head & shoulders pattern may push USDX back to lows


If the dollar does head back to the recent lows, that will be bullish for gold and silver prices as well as the shares…

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As a reminder, here is a look at how buying the high-quality mining shares at the bottom of December in each of the last 4 years has rewarded investors:

Buying gold stocks in December

Dec 2013 low: +38% in 55 days

Dec 2014 low: +35% in 22 days

Dec 2015 low: +139% in 164 days

Dec 2016 low: +37% in 34 days

Happy hunting to those of you who are scaling into the high-quality mining shares as we work our way through the end of tax loss selling in December.

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