Gold’s Breakout in foreign currencies as Germans invest in gold and “concrete gold,” Plus a silver surprise and more.

This Will Matter At Some Point
November 18 (King World News)
Albert Edwards, Former Global Strategist at Société Générale:  The US non-petroleum trade deficit has exploded higher over the last year. I remember a time in mid-1987 when the US trade deficit was the most important monthly release with spread betting firms running a book on the outcome. Now the dollar is surging despite this abomination.

US Trade Deficit Hits Record!

Another Day, Another Record
Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab:
  Going back to 1971, real fed funds rate has been negative 40% of the time … clearly, much of that has been over past couple decades, but there were periods in the mid-1970s and early-1980s when real policy rate dipped negative.

Negative Real Fed Funds Rate Hits Record Level!

Don’t Listen What They Say, Watch What They Do
The Daily Shot: 
The U. Michigan index of buying conditions for houses hit another low this month. Despite the complaints about high prices, the US demand for homes is exceptional (2nd chart).

People Don’t Believe In High Real Estate Prices…
But Yet They Keep On Buying (2nd Chart)

Got Workers?
The Daily Shot: 
Shortages are creating a massive backlog in US residential construction. Here is the number of construction projects that have been authorized but not started.

Labor Shortages Create Record Construction Backlog

To find out which silver company just made a major acquisition that will
quadruple their production 
click here or on the image below

More Transitory Inflation
The Daily Shot: 
LNG prices continue to surge.

Naturaly Gas Continues To Soar

Graddhy out of Sweden: 
“Gold in these major currencies broke out in synced fashion last week, most probably front-running a breakout in US dollar Gold.” They were. And, today we have Gold in Australian and Canadian dollars breaking to new highs after small pause.

Gold Breakout In Canadian Dollars!

Gold Breakout In Australian Dollars!

Probably Nothing
Otavio Costa: 
Probably nothing.… Tech stocks are now more expensive than they were at the peak of the Tech Bubble on a real free-cash-flow yield basis.

Tech Bubble 2.0 Madness In Full Swing

Concrete Gold
Holger Zschaepitz:
  Good morning from Germany, where housing boom is picking up speed again. Eurpoace House Price Index rose >1% in Oct MoM, driven by ECB’s flood of money. ECB balance sheet hit fresh ATH in tandem w/German House Price Index. Fearing inflation, Germans taking refuge in concrete gold.

German’s Investing In Gold And “Concrete Gold”


Silver Stock Surges 30% After Trading Resumes Following Acquisition!
SantaCruz acquiring Glencore’s producing silver mines in Bolivia for $110 million creating a new significant Latin American based silver producer! Arturo Prestamo Elizondo, Executive Chairman of SantaCruz Silver: “This is a transformational acquisition that creates a leading mid-tier silver producer in the Americas. The transaction represents a unique opportunity to significantly enhance our portfolio of operations — it is highly accretive on all key metrics and the transaction structure allows the company to finance the majority of the acquisition via the cash flow generated by these assets.” Mr. Prestamo continues: “Santacruz shareholders will participate in a larger, more diverse silver producer with strong production growth and enhanced cash flow profile. We look forward to operating in Bolivia and partnering with COMIBOL to generate value for all stakeholders.” SantaCruz Silver, symbol SCZ in Canada and SZSMF in the US.

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