Here is why the price of gold is putting in a major bottom, what will be a huge shock, inflation, plus a look at silver.

This Will Be A Huge Shock
July 6 (King World News) –
Albert Edwards, Former Global Strategist at Société Générale:
 Another July, another low for US 10year. After the weaker than expected US ISM-non-man 10 year now testing the double bottom low of 1.320% – which is the low in the chart below seen in July 2016 and below 1.38% in July 2012. A break below 1.320% and 0.5% low quickly beckons. (See chart below).

10-Year Yield May Now Collapse To 0.5%

Public Gambling Big On Stocks
Gunjan Benerji, Reporter at WSJ: 
“Individual investors bought $28 billion of stocks and ETFs in June—the highest level since at least 2014 and MORE than what we saw during the initial meme frenzy in January.”

Fredy Hickey:  Transitory? “The avg. price world-wide to ship a 40-foot container has more than quadrupled from a year ago to $8,399 as of July 1” (and up 53.5% since 1st week of May) “There is no end in sight,” “There is no way during this peak season that things will improve.”…

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Gold Price Bottoming As Asian Buyers Step In
Fred Hickey: 
Physical gold demand in China and now India (accounting for over half of physical purchases) have increased, swinging gold prices from discounts to the global gold price to premiums. Appears gold’s seasonal strong period has begun!

Gold buying strength from the east (China and India) typically helps establish the floor for gold prices. Western investor demand drives the price higher and currently there’s lots of potential demand from there with speculative futures positioning relatively very low after June selloff…

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Graddhy out of Sweden:  That is one good looking orange backtest.

Silver Putting In Final Bottom Before
Massive Acceleration Higher

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