We are seeing continued volatility as gold consolidates recent gains, but here is a look at something that just happened for the first time ever, monetary madness, and what has China worried.

Monetary Madness
July 5 (King World News) – Jeroen Blokland:  “The ‘fingerprints’ of central bank dovishness. All asset classes up! (See chart below).

SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE: S&P vs US 10-Year Treasuries

More Monetary Madness
Jeroen Blokland continues:
  “MMT at work? Japan’s central bank, the BoJ, holds more than 43% of all outstanding Japanese government debt. (See chart below).

MONETARY MADNESS JAPANESE STYLE: BoJ Now Holds Over 43% Of All Japanese Government Debt

Jeroen Blokland continues:  “The German 10-year bond has dropped to -0.40% for the first time ever. (See chart below).

First Time Ever German 10-Year Bonds Hit -0.40%!

The Most Important Chart For China
Albert Edwards, Economist and Global Strategist: 
“This is the most important chart for China currently. The NBS PMI showed jobs contracting at a quicker pace in June (46.9) – the weakest since the 2009 GFC slump. The service PMI jobs also looks weak. The authorities cannot stand by and let the jobs market deteriorate much more (see chart below).

AUTHORITIES MAY HAVE TO ACT SOON: The Most Important Chart For China Shows Employment Contracting – Weakest Since 2009

Gold Daily
Graddhy out of Sweden:  “I can´t stop looking at those two topping shooting star candles. Getting the feeling that we are in for a flag here. Also, wave 4 is not wide enough still. So it may reach my pink parabola line after all. This would just maybe backtest my 6-year neckline with a wick. (See chart below).

Flag Forming On Gold Price Weakness, Possibly Setting Up For Parabolic Move

GDX Daily
Graddhy out of Sweden continues:  “Let´s see if we get that gap fill down and tagging of fib 38% or not. Looks meant to be but we´ll see. Indicators look ready for it. A drop like that would take out many weak hands which is what the pm bull wants. Silver looks like it could take off any second through. (See chart below).

GDX (Mining Stocks): To Fill The Gap Or Not To Fill The Gap, That Is The Question

King World News note:  Within hours KWN will be releasing an important audio interview discussing the wild trading we are seeing in global markets and what to expect next.

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