Here is a gold and mining stock update, plus a look at the “Japanification” of the world, central planners big surprise, and no inflation?

“Japanification” Of The World
October 10 (King World News) – Holger Zschaepitz:   “The Japanification of the world: The ECB will expand its balance sheet from November w/ resumption of QE and the Fed has also announced a new bond purchase program. (See below).

CENTRAL PLANNERS BIG SURPRISE: CAUTION – We May Be In The Early Stages Of The “Japanification” Of The World

Central Banks Trapped: Forced Into Blowing Even Bigger Bubbles
Sven Henrich:
  “The only way central banks can keep markets from selling off is blow an even bigger bubble which will make the eventual bust worse and by artificially extending the cycle they exacerbate zombie companies & junk rated debt & promote further financial imbalances.”…

Mining legend Ross Beaty (Chairman Pan American Silver) is investing in a company very few people know about. To find out which company CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

No Inflation?
King World News note: No inflation? Absolutely…just ignore the price of healthcare, education, or housing (see below).

No Inflation? Sure, Just Ignore Healthcare, Education And Housing As Well As Financial Asset Bubbles

Gold And Mining Stocks
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  “As said, need to watch miners here. Cycles say we have one more leg down to ICL (Intermediate Cycle Low). Cycles can however sometimes get messed up by flags/consolidations. Some miners look quite bullish. Bull flag gold, bear flag GDX? Mixed. We have to watch the red dotted trend lines. (See charts of gold and GDX below).

MIXED SIGNALS: Bull Flag Forming On The Gold Chart…

…While GDX May Still Be Vulnerable

Gerald Celente Just Issued 6 Important Global Predictions
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KWN has released David Stockman’s powerful audio interview discussing the gold market and much more and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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