As we kickoff 2024, the top trends forecaster in the world has now released his entire list of top trends for 2024. Take a look…

World War III
January 4 (King World News) – Gerald Celente’s Top Trends For 2024 released!:  The long-time world-renowned trends forecaster and publisher of the weekly Trends Journal magazine, has released the key socioeconomic and geopolitical trend dynamics that will shape 2024 and beyond, most a result of the ongoing wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.

The Ukraine War is approaching its third year and as we had forecast when it began, Ukraine will not beat Russia and the only accomplishment made by the United States and Europe in sending Kyiv hundreds of billions in weapons and assistance would be to make a bad situation worse.

In addition, the Israel War became “official” when Hamas attacked on 7 October, killing some 1,200 Israelis. Entering its fourth month since Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu launched its attack on Gaza, killing over 20,000 Palestinians, destroying some 100,000 buildings and starving its 2.3 million people in the name of eliminating Hamas, there is no end in sight. In fact, it will greatly expand and be a key element in making WW III “official.”…

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WORLD WAR III: From Europe to Asia to the Middle East, more war is on the near horizon and WW III will become “official” this year.

GOLDEN YEAR FOR GOLD: The world is in the process of turning away from the U.S. dollar. The lower interest rates fall, the deeper the dollar will decline, and the higher gold prices will rise. And what we will witness is the beginning of the Death of the Dollar.

ARAB SPRING 2.0: All war, no peace. That has been the message from the establishment media last year and – judging from the recent billion-dollar bills passed in Washington – the Western propaganda will only increase in support of Ukraine. The constant propaganda will become apparent, thus giving rise to new anti-establishment, anti-war, anti-immigration, anti-tax political parties springing up across the globe.

PRESIDENTIAL REALITY SHOW: In the United States and around the world, playing the role to get elected to government is a live, in-your-face Reality TV Show sold to the public.

ECONOMICS 2024: MONEY JUNKIES PARADISE: To make the most accurate projections for how stocks, gold, and cryptos will fare in 2024, we must consider what is driving the current price action.

BANKS GO BUST: Banks will take a beating from corporate bankruptcies. While banks are setting aside more cash against an expected wave of bad loans to office building owners and other commercial property owners, it won’t be enough for to keep many banks afloat.

CRUSADES 2000: In 1996, Gerald Celente penned in his bestselling book, Trends 2000, and forecast that at the dawn of a new millennium a “Crusades 2000” will rage across the Middle East. Celente also wrote in The Trends Journal in 2006: “swords are drawn, blood has been shed, Crusades 2000, the latest round in the 1,000-year battle between the West and Middle East for Holy Lands, trade routes, local riches, and religiosity is now being fiercely fought. But the media hasn’t named it, and politicians insist upon calling it something else. And everyone forgets about the seeds of how the Crusades were born.”

EV GO FU: EV mandates and subsidies don’t magically provide the income, infrastructure, or innovation to incentivize consumer purchases of inferior transportation technology. That’s especially true for average working people who’ve already been clobbered by rampant core inflation to provide for their families.

THE SYNTHETIC DEVOLUTION: In 2024, every aspect of the world and human life is facing synthetic alteration and even replacement. It’s not just one sector or area. The synthetic alteration is coming from bioengineered foods, plant life and humans, to metaverse experiences, to cradle-to-grave AI (complete with chatbot girlfriends/boyfriends), to synthetic societies of peoples with no shared history and traditions, the synthetic is the new sell.

MIGRANT MADNESS, MAD AS HELL: As a result of the military wars and economic chaos, much of Europe and North America are being swarmed with masses of migrants at levels far beyond what existed before. The migrant crisis that The Trends Journal has long documented, will continue to put pressure on establishment political parties and will rapidly escalate the rise of populist parties. King World News note:  In order to read about all of 2024 top trends in detail you must be a subscriber CLICK HERE.

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