With the price of gold and silver tumbling in overseas trading as the metals move to consolidate the massive gains they have experienced in 2020, Fred Hickey said many positioned for a (big) drop in gold and silver prices may have to rethink, reflation boom, plus a fascinating email from a KWN reader.

Many Positioned For Gold/Silver Plunge May Have To Rethink
August 10 (King World News)
Fred Hickey:
  Interesting week for gold (up 9 weeks straight) and silver. US dollar trying to rally and large short $ futures contract positions could fuel it. Many expect gold/silver pullback and lots of short-term traders positioned for drop. However, if gold doesn’t drop – they might have to rethink.”…

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Reflation Boom
Lawrence McDonald, Former Head of Macro Strategy 
Société GénéraleMonth over Month:

Re-Flation – Re-Open 

Mosaic MOS +50%
Alcoa AA: +37%
Metals ETF XME: +19%
Berkshire BRK: +17%
General Motors GM: +15% 

Stay – At – Home 

Microsoft MSFT: -3%
Cloud Software ETF: -5%
Netflix NFLX: -11%

Email From KWN Reader
Fascinating email from KWN reader Bill Goldman:
  “This latest Alasdair Macleod article is the one that every holder of physical gold should read and study.  It should convince them that the US dollar led fiat fractional reserve banking system is kaput and on its way to Hades.  It doesn’t take a genius, rocket scientist or brain surgeon, to understand that the fraudulent bank cartel rigging of precious metal prices via the futures and options exchanges is corrupt and archaic. 

Macleod precisely describes the current situation and aptly relates it to the John Law scheme of 300 years ago, and might easily equate it with the 1929 stock market crash (which he actually did in an earlier article).  However, it is also very important that investors solidify their shallow knowledge of Wall Street’s lies and propaganda, the most recent manifestations starting in 1971, and not fall for a new wave of tricks.”

***To listen to the powerful audio interview where Alasdair Macleod discusses the possible collapse of the LBMA, trapped bullion bank gold shorts and much more click here or on the image below.

Pierre Lassonde
Legend Pierre Lassonde Says What Is Happening In The Gold Market Is Unprecedented CLICK HERE.

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