2020 has certainly been a difficult year but you haven’t seen anything yet because according to one of the greats in the business, investors should expect to see $4,800-$9,800 gold. And when it comes to mining stocks, the party has just begun.

Gold 2020
September 30 (
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 Here is the Executive Summary of Gold for 2020:

1) The Dawning of a Golden Decade
Monetary policy normalization has failed. The coronavirus is the accelerant of the overdue recession that heralds the dawn of a new monetary world order. Trend-setting monetary and geopolitical upheavals are to be expected and already executed by the Federal Reserve relaxing the inflation target “average 2%” supporting a medium-term inflationary environment.

2) The Status Quo of Gold
Gold proved to be a profitable investment in markets that are characterized by high volatility and uncertainty once again, crossing the magical USD 2,000 mark in August this year for the first time in history. Currently gold is stuck in a healthy correction…

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3) Silver’s Silver Lining
History is repeating and silver is now outperforming gold again. The gold/silver ratio is still trading at high levels around 80, indicating silver has not yet exhausted its full potential of outperforming gold in this cycle.

4) Mining Stocks – The Party Has (Just) Begun
Mining companies were the great beneficiaries of rising gold and silver prices this year and at this stage the end of the bull market is not in sight. Quite the contrary, every bull market ended with a parabolic upward trend that lasted 9 months on average and at least doubled the price.

5) Quo vadis, aurum?
Our proprietary valuation model shows a gold price of USD 4,800 at the end of this decade, even with conservative calibration and a gold price of USD 8,900 in an inflationary environment.

Metal of Kings
King World News note: And despite all of the anti-gold propaganda, gold is still the “Metal of Kings” when you look at performance (see below).

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