On the heels of the recent volatility in the gold and silver markets, today Dr. Stephen Leeb told King World News that investors should ignore the pullback because historic moves are ahead.

Historic Gold & Silver Moves Ahead
March 2 (King World News) – Dr. Stephen Leeb:  “I don’t talk much about chart lines because I believe in my own indicators.  But the charts for gold have gotten better.  And usually when they (the charts and indicators) are a little bit off it’s at a point of inflection.  And they are starting to get better.  It does suggest that the chances (are now really good) of gold making a move to $1,400 and beyond, which would be $1,900.  And after $1,900 hold on to your hats because the move is going to be historic. 

I don’t have an exact time frame for $1,900, but I can say that the next stop after $1,400 is $1,900.  And the probabilities of $1,400 gold are much higher than they have been in some time (despite the recent volatility).  Silver is also starting to look very, very attractive, and the kind of leveraged moves…To continue listening to the powerful KWN audio interview with Dr. Stephen Leeb CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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