As we get ready to kickoff trading in 2021, disregard the manipulation as stocks are set to crater and will skyrocket.

2021: A Gold Odyssey
December 23 (King World News)
From KWN reader Kevin W:  After topping out in 2018 at about 23:1 the Dow/Gold Ratio has been declining and is following a down trend channel. Recently, in January-February 2020, that ratio broke down below 17:1 through a 9 year uptrend line.

Dow vs Gold Ratio Broke Below 9 Year
Uptrend Line At The Start Of 2020

Get Ready For A Big Reversal
After breaking down all the way to 12:1 over the last 4 months of 2020, the Dow/Gold Ratio now stands at major resistance at 16:1. That equalled a trendline average value at the 75% Prediction Band over the last 120 years as can be seen in the second chart at the solid  green trendline.

Dow/Gold Ratio At Resistance, Set To Reverse
ANTICIPATE: Massive Dow Plunge & Gold Spike

What Is Next?
What is next? Well, in the short term it could easily hit the 8.0 range that would match the lower bound of its short-term down trend channel in the first chart denoted in the red dashed line. 
That would also correspond to a level at the lower bound of its 75% Prediction Band over the last 120 years as can be seen in the second chart (above) denoted in the green shaded area…

Billionaire Eric Sprott Buying
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Coincidentally that 8.0 ratio corresponds to another trendline going back 220 years as denoted in the 3rd chart blue dashed line (Note: Prior to 1896 a surrogate index is used for the DJIA Index).

220 Year Dow/Gold Ratio Headed To 8/1

Even the most bullish institutional equity investor and most bearish gold investor would have to recognize which direction has the most potential in the near- and medium-term horizons…

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A Long Way To Go
Below the 8.0 Dow/Gold ratio is anybody’s guess as to how quickly we get to 0.5:1 as Egon Von Greyerz predicts.

LAST STOP: Egon von Greyerz’s 0.5/1 Dow/Gold Prediction

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