Today one of the top money managers in the world told King World News that China has been accumulating silver for years as both gold and silver are finally breaking their chains and heading toward an upside mania.

Gold In Protracted Uptrend
July 18 (
King World News)
Dr. Stephen Leeb:
  “Gold right now is in a protracted uptrend … basically you’re watching change in the world unfold.  And the result of this after a certain point, when the dollar gets cheap enough and the price of gold gets high enough, it will be very natural to gravitate a gold-backed currency or  basket of currencies.  So buy gold.  Gold is reacting to the massive amount of dollars being printed (QE-infinity).  The evolution into a gold-backed monetary system is falling into place.

China Has Been Accumulating Silver For Years
Eric, what this means is that gold should not have a major correction from this point on.  So I would own gold and I would own your favorite gold stocks.  And I would also pay very close attention to silver.  It’s both a monetary metal and an industrial metal and China has been accumulating silver for years.  So the silver price may see an incredible skyrocket.  These are the times where you…to continue listening to Dr. Stephen Leeb discuss the gold and silver markets finally breaking the chains of manipulation and surging toward the coming mania as well as why the Chinese will be propelling prices higher click here or on the image below.

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