The top trends forecaster in the world, Gerald Celente, who predicted the stock and crypto crash, discusses what’s next.

Economic 9/11: Stocks and Cryptos Crashing. Real Estate and Retail Next?
November 20 (King World News
) – Gerald Celente:  
On September 19, two days before U.S. equity markets hit new highs, we alerted Trends Journal subscribers to prepare for an Economic 9/11…

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Despite Wall Street optimism following the U.S. midterm elections that equities would spike, markets are tanking as we had forecast.

What’s Next?
The first shots of the Economic 9/11 we forecast have been fired. Even cryptocurrencies are crashing. But again, Trends Journal subscribers were forewarned and forearmed. How low will it go and what’s next?

As far back as August, our crypto-trends expert, Jonathan Cho had forecast that the decline will continue and that Bitcoin’s bottom is in the $1,000 range or slightly below.  “What’s occurring now is the beginning of the end, likely not just for Bitcoin but for unbacked cryptocurrencies, as they’ll likely never again reach the heights they did in 2017,” Cho said…

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While cryptocurrencies are highly speculative and unrelated to economic fundamentals, so too are stock and real estate markets which have been artificially inflated by the cheap money craze that has boosted them to soaring heights.

Danger Ahead
There is a dangerous economic road ahead. From the International Monetary Fund to the biggest hedge funds in the world, they are flashing warning signs that the worst is yet to come; signs and signals of the Economic 9/11 we had forecast that they just now are beginning to recognize.

The only possible reversal of the current market decline is if the Federal Reserve reverses its aggressive schedule of interest rate hikes.

It was their monetary methadone that juiced equities and real estate markets to their artificial highs following the Panic of ‘08, and only another money drug-fix will keep them from temporarily crashing…before they OD.

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