On the heels of the panic in global markets heating up, Gerald Celente just predicted the worst is yet to come.

Global Panic: The Worst Is Yet To Come
August 15 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  “The Dow dove 800 points today.

Crude oil tumbled nearly 4 percent on weak global demand and rising crude stockpiles. In the U.S., the broad oil-and-gas index company shares fell to their lowest point since they were created in 2006… the early days of the shale boom.

China reported disappointing data for July, with industrial output down, falling to its lowest level in 17-years and retail sales, the juice that keeps the Chinese economy growing, came in at 7.6 percent, sharply down from 9.8 percent in June. 

The UK is teetering on recession and its pound is plunging.

Germany, the Eurozone’s  economic powerhouse, saw its Gross Domestic Product shrink between April and June, adding fuel to the recession fears already spreading throughout Europe. 

The Argentine stock market crashed nearly 40 percent this week and its peso plummeted some 25 percent.

From London to Sydney, from Singapore to Washington, D.C., commercial property prices in major cities around the world are falling.

In the U.S., mortgage debt hit a record high, eclipsing the Panic of ’08 peak.

This is just three days of data, and the week has just begun!

The current events forming future trends are unfolding at breakneck speed. Hong Kong protests close the city’s airport for second day. India annexes Kashmir, which Pakistan also claims, ramping up military conflict between the two nuclear armed nations.

It is much worse when we identify, analyze and forecast the myriad of Globalnomic® trends that have led me to forecast the Greatest Depression in the March edition of the Trends Journal

The worst is yet to come!

That’s why, as I had forecast in June, “The Gold Bull Run” is running. Gold prices are now up 20 percent! And of course, I do hope you are “Golden.”

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