2020 has been a wild year with one crisis after another but the top trends forecaster in the world just warned people to expect more food shortages and higher prices, but the crisis will be far worse than people realize.

Supply Chain Disruptions Are Everywhere
October 7 (
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Gerald Celente:
  Evidence of supply chain disruptions are everywhere consumers look… except the mainstream news. The unprecedented “shelter-in-place” rules imposed by governments to fight the COVID War have not only crippled the livelihoods of hundreds of millions across the globe and destroyed the businesses of countless millions, they also have crushed many sectors of the economy.

The international lockdown restrictions have disrupted the flow of raw materials, component parts, and finished goods. The widespread shortages, coupled with the creation of trillions of dollars of devalued digital cash backed by nothing and printed on nothing will lead to higher prices…

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Going to the Store
Across the country and around the world, there have been sporadic shortages at local grocery stores of “essential” items since the lockdowns were imposed. The first scarcity many shoppers noticed was that toilet paper isles had been wiped clean, and many common household cleaning products were unobtainable.

As more people stayed home, afraid to go out, the shortages spread to the food sector where many canned goods were in short supply as were some dairy and meat products. At the onset of the lockdowns, dairy farmers were forced to dump milk down the drain, cattle ranchers were forced to slaughter livestock, and meatpacking facilities were closed down due to positive coronavirus tests.

TREND FORECAST: While reports of new cases continue to make headline news, “essential” businesses, i.e., liquor stores, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Amazon, etc., where cases also rose, barely make the news and were permitted to do business as usual while small businesses deemed “unessential” were forced to stay locked down.

Thus, the economic devastation, particularly in the food, hospitality, events, tourism, and restaurant sectors will further widen the gap between rich and average citizen, while the big businesses grow bigger and smaller ones disappear.  

Nature’s Wild Card
Making matters worse, weather-related disasters around the world have put an additional strain on food resources that were already in relatively short supply.

In the U.S., California fires are threatening the Central Valley, one of the nation’s most productive food regions. Iowa and the Midwest were recently devastated by a derecho (a large storm with high winds), which damaged countless acres of corn as well as grain elevators and silos.

In the U.K, the country is expecting the lowest wheat harvest in decades due to cool temperatures. Sheep are freezing in Patagonia; the rice fields of Bangladesh are flooded; and, across the globe, farmers and livestock producers are expecting below average yields due to Mother Nature.

Food prices, especially meat products, already are rising in many locations. Expect food prices to further increase and future shortages to become more common as the food supply chain suffers continued attacks from an invisible enemy.

Shortages are also plaguing other sectors. International disruptions in raw materials and component parts have stalled automobile manufacturers and have put the brakes on bicycle production. Essential building materials are also in short supply: pressurized lumber is being squeezed while the supply of standard screws has tightened considerably.

The nationwide shortages pertaining to essential goods have stoked fears of civil unrest, which has triggered a dramatic increase in demand for guns and ammunition. This increased demand has overwhelmed the firearms sector as new demand has outstripped the supply.

TRENDPOST: Prices generally rise for two reasons: the creation of additional currency or curtailment in the supply of goods and services. We are currently experiencing both: an increase in the currency supply as well as a reduction in goods and services… the result of which will be an increase in prices – inflation.

Although the outlined information above is alarming, perhaps the most alarming shortage is the near complete absence of honesty and morality in the media, government, academia, and medical community. These entities acted in lockstep to foment the narrative of a worldwide pandemic that has resulted in the destruction of the global economy.

There appears to be a dearth of courage and common sense among citizens around the world. As I see it, the only solution to salvage society is to increase the number of critical thinkers.

Agnico Eagle Announces Strategic Investment

The Eagle Has Landed
Eric King:  “Obviously this deal that was just announced with Agnico Eagle is very big news.”

Strategic Investment And Partnership With Agnico Eagle
Matthew Hornor: 
“In a word, it’s completely transformational for us. We have now checked all of the boxes in order for the market to understand and believe that our future potential is astronomical. We have the best partner on the planet that we could have hoped for. Agnico Eagle is the biggest gold producer in Quebec.

The project they are contributing to the joint venture is a past high-grade producer. It produced more than a million ounces at almost 6 grams per tonne of gold. They stopped production in the 1990s when the price of gold was in the $300 range. We believe they left a lot of gold behind and we are extremely excited to combine the two projects — the Joutel Project and the Douay Project — with Agnico Eagle.

Over $30 Million Of Cash And Committed Funding
It’s worth mentioning that Canadian Malartic, one of the largest gold producing gold projects in Canada and the world is operated jointly by Agnico Eagle and Yamana Gold. So Agnico Eagle knows what to do with these kind of projects in Quebec. And Agnico Eagle has now bought a significant stake in Maple Gold and is also contributing their expertise and their capital in the ground to execute drilling so we don’t have to raise money again.

They have purchased this stake in our company at a roughly 50% premium to our share price, and with the commitments they have made going forward that leaves us extremely well funded with $12 million in the bank and Maple Gold now benefits from more than $30 million of available cash and committed JV funds combined.

Agnico Eagle To Assist With Any Project Funding
And if we take this project to production, Agnico Eagle has also promised to assist us with project financing. 
So what we announced today transforms Maple Gold Mines into what we believe will be the next preeminent gold company in Canada.

As I have said in numerous interviews over the past few years, what this company needed was that big brother strategic partner. And I cannot stress enough how pleased we are to have closed this deal with Agnico Eagle, which is the best in the business quite frankly, especially given Agnico’s prowess in Quebec specifically. They are the #1 gold producer in Quebec and they know the geology better than anybody.” Maple Gold Mines, symbol MGM in Canada and MGMLF in the US.

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