As we kickoff trading in the US, this is how crazy financial markets have become.

This Is How Crazy Financial Markets Have Become
August 8 (
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Peter Boockvar:  So waking up now entails looking first at where the yuan is, followed by where the 10 yr US yield is at and then one can predict where the S&P futures are. Yes, the yuan is up and the 10 yr yield is unchanged after yesterday’s sharp reversal and the futures are rallying, along with overseas markets. At 9pm the yuan initially sold off after the fixing was above 7 for the first time since 2008 and the S&P futures followed lowered but both then quickly rallied as the fix wasn’t as weak as expected.

European bonds are selling off after US Treasury yields saw that sharp bounce yesterday. That in turn is helping European bank stocks to rally. Maybe yesterday’s lows in yields was a short term parabolic exhaustion. I emphasize ‘short term.’…

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… As expected the Philippines central bank mimicked Thailand, New Zealand and India with its rate cut today. they trimmed their overnight rate to 4.25% from 4.5%.

Perfect Sentiment Setup For A Rally
After the drop seen in Bulls yesterday in the II data, today’s AAII index of individual investor sentiment saw the Bulls drop sharply to 21.7, the lowest since mid December, from 38.4 last week (see below).

CAUTION BEARS: Bullish Stock Market Sentiment Plunges

Bears spiked by 24.1 to 48.2, the highest since late December (see below).

CONTRARIAN WARNING: Bearish Sentiment Skyrockets

From purely a contrarian standpoint, this is the perfect sentiment stance for a market rally, short term. I again emphasize, ‘short term.’

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