CAUTION: The public is now betting big on a massive stock market decline.

The following commentary is from Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  Small traders were apparently unnerved by last week’s decline. They bought more protective put options last week than they did in any week since November 2008 as a percentage of their total volume. Even during the 2008 bear market, this kind of apprehension led to medium-term rallies (see stunning chart below).

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A good way to check on the anxiety level of retail “Mom & Pop” investors is observing how they trade options. When they decide to expose themselves to a leveraged, wasting asset, emotions tend to take over.

Last week, across all U.S. options exchanges, small traders bought to open more than 1.9 million put options. That was more than 25% of their total option volume, the highest since November 2008 (see chart above). This is a big change from a few months ago, then they spent only 17% of their volume to buy protective puts, among the lowest of the bull market.

King World News note:  The bottom line is that the public was not buying put options when they needed them most — prior to the recent stock market carnage.  Now the public is buying a tremendous amount of puts at a time when the markets are most likely set to continue rallying.  Bears need to be careful here in the short-term.

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