Is This The Greatest Invention Since The Telephone?

Is This The Greatest Invention Since The Telephone? – A world where there are no more language barriers might not be too far away – online, at least. This comany has now released the beta version of its live translation tool, allowing people to speak to others in another language – even if they don’t know what they’re saying. The tool translates speech instantly, providing both text and spoken translations…

Incredible Installations from the 2014 Festival of Lights

Every year in December, Lyon puts on the incredible Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights), during which more than 70 light installations transform the city’s streetscapes into thrilling works of art. Though the festival’s origins go back more than 150 years and are religious in nature, these days the annual event is a secular spectacle that draws an international audience of almost three million visitors over a four-day period (December

What to Eat and Buy at Europe's Christmas Markets on the Danube

I recently returned from a Viking River Cruise along the Danube that stopped at five of the most famous Christmas markets in Europe. From the first Sunday in Advent through Christmas Eve, European markets sell locally made crafts, delicious Christmas sweets, ornaments, candles, ceramics, as well as food—lots of it. The markets usually open in the late morning and continue until 8 or 9 at night, but they truly come alive

Great Places To Eat & Drink In Sonoma County Now

You land in San Francisco, rent a car, and roll the windows down. You drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, and as traffic thins, Sonoma comes into sight. This California county isn’t only the relaxed, cool cousin of Napa—it is also home to fresh, soulful cuisine. From wineries to oyster bars to restaurants to farms, Sonoma County offers dining experiences that rival the quality of its wines. Here are…

The Most High-Tech Cruise Ships In The World

The Most High-Tech Cruise Ships In The World By Zach Honig If you’re booking a vacation on a cruise ship, there’s a fairly good chance that staying connected to the rest of the world doesn’t top your list of priorities. Still, if you’re willing to compromise (and open your wallet), you can keep in touch with family and friends back home, and even surf the web at relatively respectable speeds.