King World News received the following communication from Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price that warned China’s move to gold may ignite World War III:

Dear Eric – Well, I am stunned by the information you have sent me regarding the reception by your audience of my recent writings.

I have by chance been reading, this evening, a remarkable book by Garet Garrett, “The Burden of Empire”. It was written in the early fifties. Truly, an extraordinary book. And now, I see the conclusion of the US Empire at hand: if China does indeed begin to use gold to persuade its oil suppliers to send their oil to China, to be paid in gold, as that will spell the end of the American Empire.

This fact will surely not be un-recognized by the Pentagon, who are the moving force of the Empire. Thus, I fear that the Chinese move – IF IT BECOMES A REALITY – may ignite WW III, as the desperate attempt by the US military to retain the role of US as World Empire. Which would mean the utter devastation of the US by Russia and China combinedWe shall soon see what takes place – gold for oil, Yes or No?

With warm regards,

King World News will shortly have a special release about China’s move to gold that may ignite World War III.  But first…

Speaking of gold…

“The truth is that an increase in the gold price from my point of view is a when question, not an if question.  And in my life, when I have confined myself to questions where the answer began with, when, not if, I have made money.  And that’s how I feel about the gold price.” — Rick Rule

Eric King:  “Rick, what are you hearing about silver and where the price is headed?”

Rick Rule:  “I love the silver market.  My experience has been…continue listening to Rick Rule and I discuss one of our top exploration stock picks, the gold and silver markets, and much more by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.


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