Despite the continued propaganda and outright lies about the economic recovery, this remarkable indicator is flashing major warning signals just like it did during the Great Depression.

KWN: January 25, 2016…

The following chart and commentary was published by King World News on January 25, 2016:
ith the Gold/Oil ratio recently stretched to extremes
 by hitting 70-year highs, and having only been at this level during the Great Depression, we may finally be seeing the long-awaited bottom for crude oil prices (see remarkable chart below that now includes data going back to 1920).”

100-Year Chart Of The Gold/Oil Ratio

KWN I 1:25:2016

Then, just 2 weeks later in February of 2016…

The Gold/Oil ratio proceeded to hit an all-time high just 2 weeks later, which is when the chart below was published on King World News:

Gold/Oil Ratio Hits Shocking New All-Time High Of 47:1!

KWN III 2:11:2016

Fast forward to today…

Gold/Oil Ratio Nears 30:1, Again


The bottom line is that the Gold/Oil Ratio is trending well above the 15:1 average because the world has been and continues to be in a rolling depression.  If you look at the first chart featured at the top of this piece, you can see how the Gold/Oil Ratio traded during the Great Depression…

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Because the world today is also experiencing a period of great economic turmoil, we can expect to see the Gold/Oil Ratio trade at highly elevated levels for quite some time.  Meaning, gold is treasured during times of crisis.  As the economic chaos of this cycle kicks into high gear once again (worse than 2008), it will be very interesting to see how extreme the ratio will trade.  Meanwhile, gold investors must remain patient.  Your time will come.

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