Look at what is happening in the gold and silver markets.

July 1 (King World News) –
Graddhy out of Sweden:  Gold is in an expected and needed consolidation/pullback. One can not play a bull very well without believing in it. You cannot make use of a bull with a bearish mindset. If you contantly doubt the bull, you will not be able to change mindset. You have to believe in the bull or you end up being a victim of the wall of worry.

Gold Taking A Much Needed Breather To Consolidate Massive Upside Gains

Gold & Silver Bull
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
This precious metals bull will last many more years, so do not get beat down by the declines, or lose interest during them. Understand them, be ready for them. And whatever one does, keep your eyes on the big picture.

Most play the market with their emotions. They react to everything, plus have no strategy or trading/investing rules of their own. They do the same thing over and over without changing. To succeed in trading/investing, it is vital not to participate in this recurring emotional roller-coaster, but make use of it instead.

And it is now, when gold and silver is in a much needed consolidation that one needs to plan for what to do when the sector bottoms.

Multi-Decade Silver Chart Shows Mother Of All Cup & Handle Formations

If you do not understand the sector movements plus do not get mentally ready for what is coming, you will yet again not be ready to buy the lows. Then you will yet again buy when the sector is already up hugely. Make a change.

The market is not the problem, that is the easy part. The more complicated part to get right in order to succeed with trading/investing is ourselves. And most can not understand this or change by themselves. Most need help with understanding how they work, plus changing their behaviour…

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The Big Breakout
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Gold & Silver have broken out into a resumed secular bull market.

This very big picture chart below shows gold miners starting to turn up vs tech semiconductor sector, i.e. it shows a historical asset rotation starting right here. Means global capital flows are going to change massively towards commodities, and especially towards precious metals.

The chart has a very good looking, enormous blue bullish falling wedge. And the reversal is marked by a big fat bullish engulfing reversal candle at blue support; circled in red.

HUI Gold Mining Index Set To Skyrocket vs Tech Semiconductors

As said for 4.5 years now since I called the commodities bull market start back in early 2020 – this commodities bull market will be the greatest opportunity in your lifetime to get out of the rat race. And, I am not saying this lightly.

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