With the Dow rallying and the US dollar edging lower, Mr. James Dines, legendary author of The Dines Letter, spoke with King World News about one of the most hated but greatest investment opportunities in history.

Gold, Sentiment, Bitcoin And Mass Psychology
March 13
 (King World News) – 
Eric King:  “Mr. (James) Dines, sentiment in gold, silver, and the mining shares, is really bad.  People don’t understand why they (metals and mining shares) trade where they are, especially the mining shares.  It always creates opportunity when things go into a vacuum like this but people don’t see it at the time.  They almost need the mining stocks to double or triple before they come in with their money.”

Mr. James Dines:  “Just look back at Bitcoin.  Nobody wanted them at $10, or $100, or $1,000, or $10,000, but at $19,000 you couldn’t hold people back, they came pouring in.  It was popular.  So the lesson is, you don’t buy when they are popular, you buy when they are unpopular.  And that’s what’s happening to gold…

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The Money Will Be Unleashed Into Gold
The question assumes that the people who are negative on gold control the market.  They do not.  What controls a market is when it is sold out and everyone who is going to sell has sold.  And that’s when the money unleashed, coming out of the overbought areas and the over-owned stocks, comes out of there and looks for somewhere to go.  

Where Would You Put Your Money?
Where would you put your money?  If you had bonds or safe stocks for income and you see them suddenly caving in 20 or 30 percent or more and you sell them, where do you put your money?  If you put it in bonds you are going to get killed.  Bonds are in a terrible downtrend.  My research department charts these bonds.  We chart long-term bonds every single day, and I think in the last Dines Letter we had a 30-year chart which shows the clear downside breakout.  We might get a bounce in here because there are too many people who agree with me all of the sudden, but when I became the original bond SuperBear, the bonds were considered sacred.

Mass Psychology
So you see, don’t assume because the news is bad that it’s bad.  In the stock market it’s almost Orwellian.  You can read my Mass Psychology book to really understand paradox, for example.  And that is, the thing you wanted most in your life you didn’t get and the thing you didn’t want most you got.  This kind of paradox is a feature of life.  That’s true if you really want to be a sophisticated student of the stock market, you really need to understand this type of contrary thinking.  And when you see everybody ignoring an area (such as gold, silver, and the mining stocks, there’s opportunity).  So don’t assume negativity is bad, negativity is good.”

One Of The Great Opportunities
Eric King:  Ivan, I purchased six figures of stock in your company because I believe it will be one of the big performers in 2018.  The announcement that you made today in this weak market stunned a lot of people.  You financed without a warrant and without a discount in Canada.  For an explorer, in this market, that is truly remarkable.

This May Send Our Share Price Multiples Higher
Ivan Bebek, CEO of Auryn Resources:  
Today’s release guarantees Auryn will be funded for 2018, a year in which a series of catalysts could send our share price multiples higher than what is being quoted today, especially if the gold market performs.  

A Junior With The Scale Of A Major
The scale of our gold exploration upside is unparalleled in the industry based on the amount of prospective real estate we have and are currently exploring.  
Auryn is pursuing multiple significant gold discoveries.  We look at our company as a junior with a majors exploration portfolio backed by a majors exploration team.  We are about to get access to our Sombrero Project in Peru, which is the best pre-drilling prospect we have seen in our careers based on gold and copper grades on surface along more than a 30 kilometer trend.  We also have over 420 kilometers of prospect gold greenstone belts in Canada and over 100,000 hectares of prospective land in Peru.

Goldcorp Just Increased Its Investment Stake In Auryn Resources
The recent downturn in the gold equities and lack of discoveries has set the stage for substantial investor returns when the next discovery is made and we believe Auryn Resources will make that major discovery.  
The bottom line is that Goldcorp did not invest in Auryn to help the company finance mines.  Goldcorp invested in Auryn to help the company find mines that they would eventually acquire.  There are two types of mines that you can find, one that makes investors money and one that makes investors rich, and Auryn has both of those opportunities in its portfolio.” Auryn: Symbol AUG in Canada & the US.

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