A terrifying Global Rest is being orchestrated and here is your ticket out of the coming collapse.

Fascinating Email
April 10 (
King World News) –
Email from a KWN reader out of Germany:  Dear Mr. King, do you see a repeat of the 2008 banking crisis here?

… The fractal structure (points 1-6 [noted on the chart]) is impressive. Mathematically the movement is 10 times higher! Gold could go to $17,000 if it goes the way of 2008-2011. 

If The 2023 Bank Crisis Causes Gold To Do A Repeat Of The Massive Upward Surge After The Bank Crisis Of 2008 (GREEN ARROWS), It Will Send The Price Of Gold Many Thousands Of Dollars Higher

Best regards from Germany,

Eric King:  I used to constantly warn that the next global collapse was going to be vastly worse than 2000-2002. People could not believe that until the devastating collapse of 2008-2009. I have continued to warn that the next collapse will be far worse than 2008-2009. Most people won’t believe that is possible until the next one, which will be of a much greater magnitude than the two previous collapses, unfolds.

“Jesus you can’t make a buck in this market, the country’s goin’ to hell faster than when that son of a bitch Roosevelt was in charge. Too much cheap money sloshing around the world. The worst mistake we ever made was letting Nixon get off the gold standard.”
— Lou Mannheim, Wall Street

Keep in mind that in order to force the acceptance of a digital currency the public must be terrified to a point where they believe that their money will literally disappear unless it is safely guaranteed digitally inside the central banks that issue the underlying currency. So this banking crisis will be orchestrated in order to usher in the Great Global Reset and the launch of digital currencies.

As to your chart and comments regarding gold, gold will do what it has always done as the next great financial earthquake shakes global markets, it will keep those who own it safe while paper assets burn. Trade in your fiat money for physical gold while there is still time because it will be your ticket out of the coming collapse.

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