As we kickoff the week with more wild trading, a dangerous game of financial poker is being played, gold ignores latest Trump tweet, a look at silver’s surge, plus is a surprise Chinese currency devaluation in the cards?

Price Of Silver Could Go Straight To $21
August 26 (King World News) – 
Graddhy out of Sweden:  “I have elaborated previously about my thin zones…And I’ve said that I think silver could go straight to 21. And the more I look at it, it looks more and more likely. I think we are in a massive runaway move. Over 18 and we light the after burner up to 21. (See below).

If Silver Breaks $18 It Should Surge To $21 Quickly

A Dangerous Game Of Poker
Sven Henrich: 
“Markets don’t care whether Trump tells the truth or not. They care that he freaks out when markets drop and immediately backpedals. Once a poker player reveals his tell he’ll get called again and again and again.”…

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billionaire Eric Sprott discuss his prediction for skyrocketing silver
as well as his top silver pick

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Keeping A Close Eye On Gold Shorts
Tom McClellan: 
“Commercial traders of gold futures are net short again in a huge way. (See below).

CAUTION: Commercial Hedgers Massively Short The Gold Market

Tom McClellan continues:  “They have been net short continuously since late 2001, until the minor excursion onto the long since in 2H of 2018. So one must understand that the game consists of evaluating the current position relative to their skewed normal range, a regular topic in my Daily Edition.”

We’re Entering Uncharted Territory
Robin Brooks, Chief Economist at IIF:  “We’re entering uncharted territory on RMB. Fix unchanged near 7.06 (white). But actual $/CNY exchange rate (orange) rose close to 7.15, 4 standard deviations above the fix, pointing to depreciation pressure. Not seen this kind of divergence since before the surprise 2015 devaluation. (See below).

Is A Surprise Chinese Currency Devaluation In The Cards?

Gold Continues Crushing Stocks
Keith McCullough: CEO at Hedgeye: 
“GOLD: not down on the latest alleged “China deal” … Up +25.2% in the last year alone, crushing “stocks” both locally and globally as Quad4 hit in Q418 (see below).

Gold Ignores Latest Trump Tweet – Up 25.2% In 2019

What Gold’s Rise Really Means
Daniele Lacalle, Chief Economist at Tressis:
  “Gold rise means citizens understand that their governments will try to destroy savings and wages via currency depreciation. The idea that governments can print all the money that they want creating its own demand is false. The first to reject the currency are their own citizens.”

Gold’s Surge Is Exposing The Lies of Counterfeiting Governments

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